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LABS: Leading British Podcast Production Agency, Listen, Launches New Strategy Division

LABS: Leading British Podcast Production Agency, Listen, Launches New Strategy Division


November 20, 2023

Listen’s new division, Labs, provides broadcasters, brands, agencies and creators with exclusive access to insights from one of the most awarded podcast teams in Europe.

Having produced and launched hundreds of audio and video podcasts over the past four years, Listen boasts an impressive roster of multi-genre shows, hosted by headline talent, that have been downloaded and viewed millions of times globally.

Now, through the official launch of Labs, Listen marks their commitment to being at the forefront of the industry. Labs’ services range from editorial content development, to marketing, amplification and commercial strategy.

High-profile clients of Labs to date include Netflix, The Telegraph, Patricia Bright and Edith Bowman.

Netflix’s Global Podcast Lead, Rae Votta said “Listen was an amazing partner to help us launch a new series from concept through a pilot period.

As we’re a small team, their outside input was invaluable as thought leaders in the audio world. They went above and beyond to help us think both long and short term about our launch and how to make the most out of the new podcast within our ecosystem.”

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“Labs is something that has evolved organically over the past 9 months. Launching a podcast in 2024 is a totally different prospect from 18 months ago.” said Josh Adley, Managing Director at Listen.

“Having launched hundreds of shows we have continually refined our approach across editorial and marketing. No two shows should be approached in the same way and through Labs we’re championing that.

It has quickly become clear that in such a competitive landscape, there is a huge demand for strategic guidance, and the results from our team’s work for the likes of Netflix and The Telegraph speaks for itself.”

Labs’ approach is built on curating tailored packages designed to define strategy, provide growth and exceed targets.

From one-off pre-launch projects focused on establishing editorial and results-oriented marketing plans, to comprehensive review processes designed to overhaul a podcast slate, Labs opens the door to any podcaster or client looking to up their game in a competitive market.

For more information about Labs and their services, please visit or contact

About Listen:

Listen are the UK’s leading podcast production agency working with the world’s biggest talent, brands and platforms on award-winning global podcasts. Its clients include BBC, Audible, Spotify, Netflix, Wondery, ITV, BMW, Vodafone, MTV, Comedy Central, Sky Sports and many more.

It passionately believes in the power of audio to tell the most compelling stories, supported by a 360 digital strategy that brings its podcasts to life in an ecosystem beyond audio. Listen have produced over 3,500 hours of content in the past 12 months, enjoyed by millions of listeners all over the world.