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Libsyn Appoints John W. Gibbons as Interim CEO

Libsyn Appoints John W. Gibbons as Interim CEO


June 23, 2023

Liberated Syndication Inc. (“Libsyn”), the leading all-in-one podcasting platform for creators and advertisers, today announced that the Board of Directors has appointed John W. Gibbons as interim Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Gibbons, who has served as President and Chief Product Officer for Libsyn since January 2022, will assume the role of CEO and lead the Company through its next phase of market expansion and innovation.

Gibbons has been an integral part of the Libsyn team and played a vital role in shaping the Company’s product vision and strategy. He brings a track record of success in scaling businesses across the podcasting and digital media industries. He has been instrumental in expanding Libsyn’s advertising capabilities, suite-of-services model, and international footprint.

Commenting on his appointment, John W. Gibbons said, “I am honored to assume the role of interim CEO, furthering our mission of empowering our global community of diverse podcasters and advertisers. With a strong position and industry-leading solutions, our cohesive leadership group and capable teams are executing on our platform vision. Our products are working together to power that vision, and our successful business units exemplify its success. We have much to be proud of at Libsyn, and our focus on operational excellence remains paramount.”

Bradley Tirpak, who has served as Libsyn’s CEO since November 2021, will remain an advisor to the Company. During his tenure, Tirpak played a pivotal role in developing Libsyn’s current advertising strategy, assembling a talented team, and advancing its innovative platform and content creation capabilities.

Libsyn is committed to delivering exceptional and simplified podcasting solutions to serve the next million podcasters by enriching its platform offerings and strengthening its global presence. Through strategic acquisitions, such as AdvertiseCast, PODGO, and PAR, Libsyn has bolstered its market-leading advertising capabilities. Furthermore, the Company has made significant investments in international expansion by acquiring Germany’s leading podcast advertising platform, Julep, and extending Libsyn’s footprint into Austria, Switzerland, and Spain. In addition to these achievements, Libsyn has expanded its content creation and service offerings through acquisitions like Pair, Auxbus, and


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