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Libsyn Unveils “LibsynEDU” to Empower Educators and Students in Podcasting

Libsyn Unveils “LibsynEDU” to Empower Educators and Students in Podcasting


August 30, 2023

New Educational Program to Build and Nurture the Next Generation of Podcasting Innovators

PITTSBURGH & NEW YORK, August 30, 2023 – Today, Liberated Syndication Inc. (“Libsyn”), the leading all-in-one podcasting platform for creators and advertisers, is proud to announce the launch of LibsynEDU, an innovative podcast educational program aimed at fostering excellence in podcasting and nurturing the next generation of podcasting talent.

“At Libsyn, we deeply value the educators’ and institutions’ crucial roles in shaping the minds of future generations. We recognize the significance of education and how it transforms lives. With this appreciation, we are proud to introduce LibsynEDU, our newest podcast educational program designed to support and empower educators and students in the podcasting space,” John W. Gibbons, Interim CEO and Chief Product Officer, Libsyn.

Revolutionizing Podcasting Education

LibsynEDU is set to redefine the educational landscape for aspiring podcasters, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and connections required to thrive in the ever-evolving podcasting industry. As part of the program, Libsyn will equip academic institutions with discounted access* to its suite of industry-leading hosting and monetization tools and offerings. Students will also enjoy supplemental coursework developed by industry experts. This coursework will cover various aspects of podcasting, including production techniques, storytelling, marketing strategies, audience engagement, measurement, and monetization.

In addition, LibsynEDU partners and participants will have the privilege of engaging with thought-leaders and influential figures in the podcasting realm through guest speaker sessions and on-campus events. These interactions will provide invaluable insights and foster connections with professionals at the forefront of the podcasting industry. Additionally, Libsyn will provide essential tutorials and recommendations for studio and recording equipment, ensuring that students have the necessary tools to create high-quality podcasts. Furthermore, participants will have access to industry research, empowering them to stay informed about emerging trends and best practices.

As part of this transformative program, students will gain access to a wide array of resources, including a thoughtfully crafted supplemental coursework, industry-leading hosting and monetization tools, guest speaker sessions, and access to a vibrant community of podcasting enthusiasts.

Creation of Libsyn Fellowship for NYU Graduate Journalism Podcasting Student

Libsyn is also announcing the creation of the Libsyn Fellowship, supported by a grant from Libsyn, for a student enrolled in the Podcasting and Audio Reportage master’s concentration at NYU’s Journalism Institute at the Graduate School of Arts & Science. The Libsyn Fellow will be chosen by a panel of NYU Arts & Science faculty, and conduct original research focused on podcasting in consultation with faculty. Libsyn selected NYU’s Journalism Institute for its Libsyn Fellowship as it offers the first graduate-level journalism program specializing in audio podcasting.

“LibsynEDU provides educators with the supplemental tools and resources they need to help empower students to discover their voice and path in podcasting,” said Andy Rogers, Senior Director of Partnerships at Libsyn. “The development of LibsynEDU and the Libsyn Fellowship exemplify our commitment to nurturing the growth of podcasting, supporting the visionary minds in podcast academia, and empowering the next generation of podcast creators.”

Sarah Morio, Director of Marketing Operations at Libsyn, added, “We look forward to building on our NYU relationship for years to come, while also providing students worldwide with invaluable resources and opportunities to succeed in their podcasting journey.”

LibsynEDU hosting plans are priced as low as 75% discount off regularly priced plans. The plan includes access to both Libsyn Connect, a comprehensive, feature-rich recording solution that provides creators with everything they need to remotely record the highest quality interviews, and Libsyn Studio, an all-in-one podcast creation platform for new creators to plan, launch, and distribute their content. Additional hosting plans like LibsynEDU+ and LibsynPro are also available at the enterprise and institutional level.

For more information about LibsynEDU, podcast programs, and courses available from our partners and various student resources, academic institutions, educators, and students can visit or email us at

About Liberated Syndication

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