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Mobile Podcast Studio Now Available for Events

Mobile Podcast Studio Now Available for Events

Mobile Podcast Studio (a division of Carey Green, LLC)

July 27, 2023

A new Mobile Podcast Studio service is now available to provide an on-site podcast recording studio for events — including conferences, trade shows, fundraisers, industry gatherings, corporate training events, in-house recording sessions, and more.

There are a variety of applications of the service:

  • Perk for event attendees – Provide a recording venue for podcasters attending your event. Allow them to record their episodes on-site and provide the digital files for their use.
  • Registration upgrade option – Offer reserved recording time in the booth to event attendees as an add-on to their registration. With enough purchases of this add-on the studio costs could be covered entirely.
  • Record daily recaps of your event – Use the booth to record daily recaps of your event to publish each evening in your event app. Highlight upcoming sessions, speakers, activities, and more to provide a one-of-a-kind attendee experience.
  • Create your own industry leading podcast – Capture conversations with industry leaders attending your event to generate buzz about your event. Use the recordings to create a podcast that can become the voice of the industry.
  • Sponsorship opportunities – Add to the bottom-line of your event by selling sponsorships for the recording booth to event sponsors. Brand the booth with your sponsor’s logo and tagline, and even sell multiple sponsorships to increase revenue for your event.
  • On-site batch recording – Schedule guests to come to your location for a one-day or multi-day recording blitz, leveraging your time and investment to get a whole season or year’s worth of content recorded in a shorter period of time.

Mobile Podcast Studio is now available for all events in the United States and Canada and the typical engagement provides a fully equipped 10’x10′ recording booth with comfortable seating for session participants, professional audio equipment by TASCAM® and Audio-Technica®, and expert technicians to record high-quality podcast audio. As well, the Mobile Podcast Studio staff will see to digital storage of all recorded sessions and the setup and striking of the studio space.

Add-on services such as booth branding, episode editing and show notes creation, and on-floor interviewing (man on the street style) are also available.

“Our Mobile Podcast Studio gives events a unique value-add that helps generate excitement and engagement among attendees,” said Carey Green, founder of Mobile Podcast Studio. “We’re ready to work with event organizers who want to provide this incredible amenity to their attendees. And if there are companies or organizations that need an on-site recording solution for limited periods of time, we are available to help them as well.”

To learn more or get a custom quote for your event or setting, visit