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mowPod Announces Promotion of Marilyn Haigh to Senior Business Development Manager

mowPod Announces Promotion of Marilyn Haigh to Senior Business Development Manager


October 23, 2023

Today, mowPod, a leading force in driving discovery and listenership to prominent podcasts across the US, announced the promotion of Marilyn Haigh to the position of Senior Business Development Manager.

Before joining the vibrant team at mowPod, Marilyn honed her skills in podcast production at Morning Brew. Her extensive background in the field has armed her with a true understanding of and a fervent passion for the podcaster journey, enabling her to resonate deeply with the aspirations and challenges of the podcasting community.

Marilyn Haigh’s journey with mowPod, a division of mowMedia, began as its first sales hire, and her trajectory has been nothing short of meteoric. Over the years, she has fostered invaluable ongoing relationships with some of the largest podcasts, agencies, and networks in the industry.

But her contributions have been much more expansive than sales alone. Recognized for her forward-thinking approach and her ability to look beyond just the sale, Marilyn has truly embodied leadership in every nuance of the term. From attending and speaking at renowned live events such as Podcast Movement, The Podcast Show, and Podfest, to offering insights on audience development, Marilyn has consistently been at the forefront, meeting the ever-evolving demands of the podcast space.

In her newly minted role, Marilyn’s responsibilities will encompass building out and managing a segment of the mowPod Business Development team. Her primary focus will be on nurturing long-term strategic partnerships with major brands and growth-centric podcast organizations.

Mike Wiston, CEO of mowPod, expressed his excitement about the promotion, stating, “I couldn’t imagine a better and more deserving person to invite into the role of Senior Business Development Manager at mowPod. Marilyn has consistently demonstrated her capacity as not just an exceptional dot connector but also as an invaluable asset to the podcast community. With her taking the helm of this new role, the horizon looks promising, and I’m genuinely excited about where we’re headed.”

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