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Narrativ: A Marketplace for Talent to Sell their AI Likeness to Advertisers. Launching Today With Hall of Fame Sports Broadcaster James Brown!

Narrativ: A Marketplace for Talent to Sell their AI Likeness to Advertisers. Launching Today With Hall of Fame Sports Broadcaster James Brown!


February 15, 2024

In the fast-paced realm of digital advertising, Narrativ is making its debut as a pioneering platform that bridges the gap between the creative potential of AI and the personal branding of talent. This innovative marketplace is designed for talent to monetize, manage, and safeguard their AI likeness – starting with audio – while offering advertisers an efficient and streamlined method to purchase that likeness for ad creation. To see the platform in action, view Narrativ’s launch demo here.

Benefits for Talent and Advertisers

Talent and their agents stand to gain from Narrativ in several ways. The platform not only opens up avenues for talent to receive passive income through the licensing of AI-generated likenesses but also ensures that individuals have control over what types of ads are made using their likeness. This dual benefit allows for the preservation of personal brand integrity while tapping into new revenue streams.

Advertisers, meanwhile, are presented with a host of advantages. First, Narrativ’s approach lowers the cost to create and manage ad campaigns. Next, the ability to quickly generate ads reduces ad creative turnaround time from days to mere minutes. In addition, with Narrativ an advertiser can experiment with ad creative in real-time, enabling audio and video ads to have the same degree of flexibility that text and display-based ads have today. Last, Narrativ’s compatibility with various ad deployment methods (i.e. VAST or simple download) ensures easy integration into existing marketing infrastructures.

The Unique Text-to-Advertisement Process

A standout feature of Narrativ is its text-to-advertisement process, which allows for the seamless transformation of text-based ad copy into compelling creative. This innovation not only democratizes the production of quality advertising but also paves the way for highly personalized and scalable campaign strategies in audio and video.

A Star-Studded Introduction

At its launch, Narrativ is proud to showcase partnerships with prominent personalities such as the legendary sports broadcaster James ‘JB’ Brown, actor Joe Gannascoli, and influencer Elise Pham. Their involvement highlights the wide-ranging appeal and utility of Narrativ’s services across different spheres of influence.

Narrativ is also collaborating with industry veteran Suchir Batra, a former executive at CAA and WME, to bring high profile personalities to our platform.

Looking to the Future

As Narrativ steps onto the scene, it heralds a new chapter in advertising where AI’s capabilities are harnessed to amplify human creativity and innovation. This platform not only offers a novel revenue model for talent in the digital age but also equips advertisers with the tools needed for more efficient, impactful, and customizable ad campaigns.

Narrativ is poised to redefine the landscape of digital advertising, creating exciting opportunities for creativity, collaboration, and commercial success in the process.

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Ben Gottdiener