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National Geographic Explorer, TED Fellow and former refugee discusses movement and music as an intersection of protest in Season 2 of Movement with Meklit Hadero

National Geographic Explorer, TED Fellow and former refugee discusses movement and music as an intersection of protest in Season 2 of Movement with Meklit Hadero

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November 10, 2023

(Atlanta, GA- November 11, 2023) Movement with Meklit Hadero (PRX),a podcast, radio series and live show, launches its new season amplifying Issues of citizenship, identity, belonging, and borders. Hosted by Ethiopian-American singer Meklit Hadero, the show is a meditation on the large-scale forces at play in individual lives.

Hadero approaches digital storytelling with a focus on global migration through music. Highlights from this season include a bilingual episode about a Venezuelan virtuoso seeking asylum in the US (Larry & Joe), a visceral account of an artist transformed by the Bosnian War (Gino Yevdjevich), an intimate chat about DC-area hip hop (Oddissee,) a deep dive into the personal journey of Chhom Nimol (best known as the lead singer of the band Dengue Fever,) and the Mexican-American ranchera diva San Cha, which will be featured on Snap Judgment.

Meet Meeklit:

Meklit is an Ethio-American vocalist, songwriter and composer, known for her electric stage presence and innovative, deeply personal Ethio-Jazz songs. Her music has made her a star in her home country of Ethiopia, and most recent album was named amongst the best records of the year by Bandcamp and The Sunday Times UK, climbing to the top of the iTunes, NACC, and European World Charts.

Meklit is a National Geographic Explorer, a TED Senior Fellow, and a former Artist-in-Residence at Harvard University, NYU and Purdue. She has collaborated with Kronos Quartet, Andrew Bird, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, and the late musical legend Pee Wee Ellis. She is a Co-Founder of the Nile Project, winner of the globalFEST Artist Award and a featured singer in the UN Women Theme Song.

More about Movement:

Movement is a multiplatform storytelling initiative that explores the intersection of migration and music. Through our live show, podcast, and radio broadcasts, we center the voices, stories and songs of immigrant, migrant and refugee musicians and claim public space for these artists to sing and speak their stories with complexity and nuance. We honor themes of joy, curiosity, pleasure, epiphany, and wisdom, even as we make space for the very real presence of trauma, difficulty and pain. Movement offers new narratives of migration that hit listeners at the level of the heart, the head, and the hips.

Movement is hosted by Ethiopian-American singer-composer Meklit Hadero and was co-created by Meklit, producer Ian Coss and editor Julie Caine. Meklit is joined on stage and in our audio stories by a wide range of guest artists whose identities are grounded in an experience of migration: a classical composer who fled religious persecution in Iran, a formerly undocumented Mexican singer returning to perform in her hometown for the first time, a Chamorro dancer reclaiming the language and chant of their ancestors, and many more.

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