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Nearly half of Australians hooked on true crime podcasts: 45% tune in monthly

Nearly half of Australians hooked on true crime podcasts: 45% tune in monthly

July 8, 2024

Global brand lift measurement company On Device has unveiled new insights into Australia’s podcasting landscape, highlighting a nation captivated by True Crime content with 45% of Australians devoted to the genre, making it the most popular category.

The study reveals that 53% of Australians tune in to podcasts monthly, spending an average of 1.6 hours daily listening. Australians are also early risers in their podcast habits, with 25% listening between 6:00 AM – 9:00 AM on weekdays. Daily podcast listeners are also 49% more likely to engage with broadcast radio daily, indicating a strong synergy between these audio formats.

Humour/comedy (39%), society and culture (25%), TV and film (25%), and educational (24%) are also popular genres for Australians to listen to. Conversely, the least popular podcast themes include fashion (9%), beauty (10%), politics (10%), fiction (14%), and technology (14%).

Allan Breiland, ANZ Research Director from On Device says of these findings: “Australia’s podcasting landscape is evolving rapidly, with a significant preference for true crime content suggesting narrative podcasts are a very strong medium for engagement. What’s fascinating is the strong correlation between podcast listeners who are also highly likely to tune into broadcast radio, showing the two mediums are complementary and can tap into the different mindsets these channels afford.”

Unsurprisingly, mobile phones dominate as the preferred device for 79% of users, with YouTube (47%) and Spotify (54%) leading the platform preference.

The motivations behind podcast listening in Australia are primarily for entertainment (57%) and relaxation (46%). While 38% of listeners appreciate ads for providing free content, 33% express concerns over ad clutter, highlighting the need for more effective advertising strategies.

Breiland expands: “It’s clear that Australians use podcasts as a way to break away from the daily grind. Whilst they don’t mind the odd ad, brands and podcast producers should be mindful of over-indexing on the number of ads included in each episode for risk of creating fatigue and losing listeners.”

Comparing these findings with the UK, where 61% listen monthly and spend 1.8 hours daily, Australia’s engagement levels are strong yet slightly lower. However, Australia closes matches Singapore, where 55% listen monthly. These insights are based on responses from 1,110 Australians.

Kym Treasure, CEO of Audacia Audio, notes the increasing trend of Australians tuning in to podcasts in the morning, which has become a part of Australian culture. According to Treasure, “It’s fantastic to observe more Australians starting their day with various podcast genres such as News, Comedy, Lifestyle, Sports, True Crime, or Business.

“This presents an ideal opportunity for brands to engage with consumers more meaningfully by ensuring that their content is both relevant and timely, fostering a deeper and more authentic connection with the audience.

“This shift signifies a natural progression from traditional broadcast media such as radio to on-demand platforms like podcasts. On Device’s in-depth analysis of Australian podcast consumption habits not only offers valuable insights but also empowers the brands we collaborate with to sponsor this premium content with confidence.”