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NEI Launches New “Fissionary” Podcast

NEI Launches New “Fissionary” Podcast

Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI)

September 19, 2023

Washington, D.C.—The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) has launched its first podcast, “Fissionary,” with debut guest Grace Stanke, a talented nuclear engineer and the reigning 2023 Miss America. Hosted by Mary Carpenter and Jordan Houghton, the podcast aims to bring together diverse and compelling guests in conversations about how nuclear drives the world toward a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Conversations in support of nuclear have grown louder among decision makers, government leaders, and energy enthusiasts. “Fissionary” aims to bring those conversations to communities and people who are searching for solutions to some of the most pressing issues we face today like climate and sustainability.

In its premier season Houghton, NEI’s media relations lead, and Carpenter, who leads NEI’s content and digital strategy, set out to engage experts, researchers, and influencers and explore some of today’s questions such as solving the climate crisis and securing energy independence through nuclear energy.

The first episode, titled “Nuclear 101 with Miss America,” is now available for streaming. Stanke joins Carpenter and Houghton to discuss her “origin story” that brings together pageants and nuclear power. The discussion explores how to become a nuclear advocate, the significance of advocating for nuclear energy, and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for the industry.

With new episodes airing biweekly on Thursdays, “Fissionary” boasts an impressive lineup of guests, including well-known influencers, former anti-nuclear climate activists, leaders in sustainable fashion, and global policy experts. The podcast offers an approachable story for every listener, with surprises along the way.

“Fissionary” is available to stream on popular platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon. Please visit the NEI website for more information on each episode and featured guests.