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New Data: Lights, Camera, Audio!

New Data: Lights, Camera, Audio!


May 28, 2024

Veritonic has released new and never-before-seen data in a report that uncovers the impact of audio on Americans’ perception of films, film trailers, and film soundtracks. The report, titled Lights, Camera, Audio! contains data around:

  • The impact of music in a film’s trailer on whether or not consumers will watch the movie
  • The impact of music selected for a film’s soundtrack and what draw’s consumers to listen to a soundtrack (song recognition, preferences, etc.)
  • The impact of music in a film on the brands featured in the film
  • The impact of background music in film scenes on audience perception and experience
  • Audience preferences on home vs theater watching, wearing headphones while watching, watching alone or with others, and more

To download the full report, visit