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New Season of The Dossier Podcast Covering the Conspiratorial Cover-Up Surrounding the Murder of The Notorious B.I.G.

New Season of The Dossier Podcast Covering the Conspiratorial Cover-Up Surrounding the Murder of The Notorious B.I.G.

Tink Media Co.

November 10, 2023


For 26 years, the Los Angeles Police Department, the LA Times and the

FBI, have hidden secret files into the FBI investigation into the murder of Biggie.

NOV 8, 2023 PHOENIX –Journalist Don Sikorski, is in possession of scores of secret files — from the FBI, the Los Angeles Police Department and sealed files from the civil suit brought against the city of Los Angeles by Violetta Wallace, the mother of the murdered rap star. These documents lay out all the evidence that existed inside the LAPD — the witnesses, the informants, the sources, as well as clearly outline the mechanics of the conspiracy.

Inside the FBI documents, is a narrative of the LAPD hiding the factual evidence, fearing their own implication in the murder. There is the 2nd tranche of documents — the sealed files of the civil suit that Violetta Wallace filed against the City of LA, for the wrongful death of her son, by the LAPD. Inside those documents, are internal LAPD records, and the names of LAPD Officials that covered-up Biggie’s murder. Only a few people have had access and seen these files as they have been under a federal seal. Sikorski believes this will be a catalyst to get the FBI and/or the LAPD to reopen the case.

“During the course of my 10yr investigation into this murder, I was able to gain possession of the two sets of documents that tell the irrefutable and final story, about the homicide of Hip-Hop’s biggest star. I felt that the public needs to be made aware, as the LAPD has ignored the evidence to finally solve this murder. Along with Season II, I will be releasing all these documents,” says Sikorski.

In Dossier Season II: The Secret FBI Biggie Files, Sikorski continues his investigation in real time, including all new interviews with those in and around the case. He has even spoken to the alleged co-conspirator of the plot to murder Biggie, infamous ex-LAPD officer David Mack.

Equally exciting is the partnership between Criminal Minded Media and DCP Entertainment, who will be bringing their incredible talent and resources to the marketing and distribution of this season.

“We were blown away by the number of high-level documents and access to key-figures that should finally lead to justice and accountability in the murder of Biggie and the subsequent cover-up,” noted CEO of DCP Entertainment, Chris Colbert. “We are proud to be working on a series that we hope brings the Wallace family the answers they have deserved for over 25 years.”


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