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Next Broadcast Media and Barometer Partnership Creates the First Arabic Podcast AI Brand Safety & Suitability Tool

Next Broadcast Media and Barometer Partnership Creates the First Arabic Podcast AI Brand Safety & Suitability Tool

Next Broadcast Media

February 20, 2024

Next Broadcast Media (NBM) and Barometer announce a new partnership and a first-of-its-kind brand safety and suitability tool for Arabic podcast content. The collaboration utilises Barometers AI and contextual expertise with NBM’s podcast inventory and local reach. This partnership creates new opportunities for advertisers across the Middle East.

Barometer’s award winning brand-suitability and safety tool, is purposely built for the unique podcast space. Using an AI engine it analyses and reports on podcast content suitability based on the GARM (Global Alliance for Responsible Media) framework as well as contextual targets in alignment with the IAB content taxonomy 3.0.

NBM is the largest global digital audio ad network in MENA, and a preferred choice for businesses looking to advertise on digital audio. Using NBM’s scale, Barometer’s new feature effectively translates and analyses local Arabic podcasts, and is available through NBM in the Middle East.

“Not only does this partnership mean Next Broadcast Media is GARM compliant. But for the first time, Arabic podcast content is being analysed via AI to guarantee brand safety and suitability. Barometer goes beyond keywords; it can do incredibly deep analysis on sentiment and context, which is essential for the podcast space.” says NBM co-founder Adel Saadi.

The adoption of this independent, third-party brand-safety measurement will provide extra confidence to advertisers that the brand is safe when broadcast over the digital airwaves.

Speaking for Barometer, CEO and co-founder Tamara Zubatiy says “Barometer is proud to partner with Next Broadcast Media as we launch our first offering in the region as well as our first offerings in Arabic! We are also delighted to work with the NBM team and their clients to bring transparency and brand suitability to podcasting in the Middle East.”

Podcast content is often ad libbed, independently produced, and contextual. These features, while pleasing for listeners, can cause brands to hesitate using audio – and additionally, lead to falsely flagged shows if the safety tools used are not purpose built. The Barometer technology is created for podcasts, so not only detecting keywords but also tone, sentiment and context. This analysis and filtering takes place before the impression occurs.

“We work hand-in-hand with our podcast partners to provide the optimal method for brands to reach millions of podcast listeners. Having Barometer as a partner for brand-suitability further cements this commitment. The Barometer solution is the best in the industry. Designed specifically for podcast content rather than the legacy systems that were designed for display and online video. It will maximise reach and effectiveness for our clients” adds Adel.

Podcast ad revenue continues to grow exponentially as the medium proves effective for a variety of marketing objectives. With this growth comes the need for third-party brand safety and suitability tools to ensure advertisers are showing up in safe environments. Along with expertly developed media plans / buys to meet marketing objectives, Barometer’s extra layer of protection offers assurance that brands safety is a priority.

About Barometer:

Barometer is an AI-powered brand suitability and contextual targeting solution for podcast advertising. Our patent-pending, AI Brand Integrity Cloud uses natural language processing to analyse podcasts based on industry standard taxonomies including the IAB Content taxonomy 3.0 for contextual targeting and the Global Advertisers for Responsible Media’s (GARM) Brand Safety Floor and Suitability Framework. Our solutions drive radical transparency across the entire audio ecosystem building trust between the buy and sell sides to usher in a new era of scale and maturity in podcast advertising.

About Next Broadcast Media

Next Broadcast Media is a global podcast and digital audio advertising network, with locations in the Middle East, North America, Europe, and India. It’s mission is to make audio advertising affordable, accessible, and effective by offering a solution for every business, of any size. NBM is the go to, to execute audio campaigns across all leading networks and platforms.