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No.1 hit history podcast This is History launches its first spin-off series

No.1 hit history podcast This is History launches its first spin-off series

Carver PR

May 14, 2024

Sony Music Entertainment’s hit podcast This is History, hosted by best-selling author, presenter and historian Dan Jones, has so far delved into the bloody chaos undertaken by the Plantagenet dynasty in their relentless pursuit to secure their legacy.

But, the Plantagenets don’t have a monopoly on dysfunctional empires, as listeners will discover in This is History’s first spin-off series: This is History Presents… The Iron King.

In a planned coup that maintains the tradition of history podcasters being called ‘Dan’, the new spin-off series will see Dan Jones hand over the narrative reins to Canadian Medievalist, author and broadcaster Danièle Cybulskie.

Through six action-packed, graphically detailed and immersive episodes, Danièle will launch listeners headlong into the murderous regime of France’s famously beautiful king, Philip the Fair. Despite his angelic face, Philip’s cold, calculated and psychopathic tendencies see him adopt a no-holds-barred approach to Kingship – one that would make even House of the Dragon’s Aemond Targaryen blush.

In fact, his relentless pursuit to ‘Make France Great Again’ results in Philip torturing hundreds of his own people, bankrupting his kingdom and slapping the Pope across the face. His calamitous reign culminates in a Medieval-style Dr Phil-esque moment, as he accuses his sons’ wives of adultery and viciously murders their ‘lovers’.

Leaving his family on the precipice of a succession crisis that triggers The Hundred Years War, Philip’s bloody tale will leave audiences longing for more just as Dan Jones reclaims the narrative to propel listeners into This is History season 5.

If you’ve not yet listened, the first four seasons are available now so you can hear this wild story from the beginning – you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re listening to a Game of Thrones audiobook.



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