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NOW and Voxtopica launch new Feminism Podcast

NOW and Voxtopica launch new Feminism Podcast


October 5, 2023

The new podcast’s first guest is actor and activist Alyssa Milano

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Christian F. Nunes, National President of the National Organization for Women (NOW), has launched a new podcast, Feminism NOW. The podcast engages audiences with modern feminist issues, including constitutional equality, economic justice, and reproductive rights. Current news topics will also be discussed through an intersectional feminist lens.

“NOW serves as the oldest grassroots arm of the women’s movement and has been on the frontlines of nearly every major advancement for women’s rights,” said Christian F. Nunes, NOW National President. “There’s no better way to reach a new generation of young activists than through the voices of our cultural and political leaders that will soon filter through speakers and headphones across the nation.”

The first episode was released Wednesday, October 4 on all major hosting platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, Amazon Music, and iHeart) and features actor and fierce feminist, Alyssa Milano. Nunes and Milano discuss the moment that Milano realized she wanted to use her celebrity status as a platform for change, the state of the ERA, the overwhelming need to overcome silos in the feminist movement, and so much more.

“Listeners can expect to hear Alyssa and I connect on her journey from flashing lights and red carpets to protesting and activism,” Nunes shares. “One of the highlights? Our joint amusement — and frustration of continued reluctance to accept our country’s need for an Equal Rights Amendment, something NOW continues to passionately push for.”

In the words of Nunes, “I’m a mother, a poet, a truth-teller, a mental health expert, and an unapologetic social justice activist.” This podcast will not only entertain but also inspire listeners to join our ongoing commitment and fight toward a just and equitable future.

Voxtopica CEO Richard Fawal says, “It’s a thrill and an honor to work with such an esteemed organization to produce a great podcast addressing critical issues of our time. We couldn’t be more pleased about the results.”


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