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NRC and Podster Partner for Global Expansion of Dutch Hit Podcast

NRC and Podster Partner for Global Expansion of Dutch Hit Podcast


February 12, 2024

The Dutch media house NRC takes an exciting step into global podcasting by partnering with Danish podcast company Podster. Podster is set to globally adapt the popular NRC history podcast ‘Wilde Eeuwen’, which climbed to the no. 1 in the Netherlands.

Podster continues to expand its portfolio of high-quality and compelling podcast content. The podcast company has recently sealed a deal with the award-winning and well-established Dutch media house, NRC.

NRC has been in existence since 1970, with roots dating back to 1828 when it was formed through the merger of the newspapers Algemeen Handelsblad and Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant. Over time, the media house has evolved, delving into online journalism and podcasts. It is this latter endeavour that has brought NRC and Podster together in collaboration.

The agreement concerns NRC’s popular miniseries ‘Wilde Eeuwen’, which spans eight episodes and offers listeners insights into significant events from the Middle Ages. The podcast immediately soared to the top of the Dutch charts and has consistently remained in the top 5 of historical podcasts in the Netherlands since its release. With the licensing of ‘Wilde Eeuwen’, Podster will now take on the task of adapting the show for a global market, enabling its release in new languages.

Harrison van der Vliet, Head of Audio Development at NRC, comments, “’Wilde Eeuwen’ aims to set the record straight on a period in European history that is so often portrayed as messy and uninteresting. In movies and on TV it usually consists of either cruel rulers and common folk in rags or pious Christians and contented peasants. Using stories from original medieval sources, ‘Wilde Eeuwen’ sketches a contrary portrait of an influential time full of developing order and culture. This is a podcast about the origins of European civilisation, warlords and troubadours, kings and philosophers, plague epidemics and heresies.”

“We’re thrilled that NRC believes in our ability to adapt ‘Wilde Eeuwen’, which our past successes demonstrate that Podster is well-equipped to do,” states Henriette Høj Gharib, CEO of Podster. She adds, “Our capacity to tailor and deliver quality content across languages and cultures enables us to support NRC’s vision of releasing their content globally.”

Harrison van der Vliet says about the collaboration, “We’re very excited to work with Podster on bringing ‘Wilde Eeuwen’ to an international audience. This miniseries is the result of extended research and dedicated work by NRC’s history and audio departments. We can’t wait to share it with listeners everywhere through our collaboration with Podster.”


Amanda Lee Edelstein

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