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Oris’s Sanctuary: Pioneering Engagement and Excellence in Podcasting

Oris’s Sanctuary: Pioneering Engagement and Excellence in Podcasting

Oris's Sanctuar

November 8, 2023

November 8, 2023 – Oris’s Sanctuary, a distinguished voice uniting Diverse Minds through Authenticity and Curiosity, proudly announces its latest milestone as it continues to make waves in the podcasting world. With a steadfast commitment to delivering captivating, high-quality content, Oris’s Sanctuary rapidly gains recognition among an ever-growing audience, industry professionals, and influencers alike.

Oris’s Sanctuary has emerged as a beacon of knowledge, insight, and entertainment for discerning audiences seeking top-tier content within the luxury, business, and culture sectors. With its dedication to excellence, the podcast has garnered a devoted and expanding listener base that values its distinctive fusion of expertise, innovation, and engaging storytelling.

In our most recent development, on Thursday, November 09, 2023, at 2100 CET, we are launching the first instalment of a three-part miniseries featuring the illustrious Fabrice Rosset, Former Chairman and CEO of Champagne Deutz. This content will feature our host, Oris Erhuero, engaging in a profound dialogue with Fabrice Rosset. Mr. Rosset will share half a century of experience, insights, and wisdom from the world of champagne, offering a masterclass in champagne appreciation. This milestone not only exemplifies Oris’s Sanctuary’s dedication to its audience but also reinforces its status as a leading authority in luxury, business, and culture.

Key Highlights:

– Our pilot interview featured the visionary CEO of Joya de Nicaragua Cigars, Juan Martinez. The trailer for this podcast interview on Instagram alone garnered over 120,000 likes and 160,000 views.

At Oris’s Sanctuary, we pioneered a groundbreaking campaign for Joya de Nicaragua cigars, employing generative AI Artwork to promote its cigars in the ‘Magnificent Seven Series.’ This series showcased one Joya Cigar per day, complemented by generative AI Artwork.

– In our December issue, we have a lot of content scheduled, just to provide a glimpse, we host a renowned actor from one of Netflix’s leading programs, Christopher Walkey, Founder of Glass of Bubbly, London’s leading Champagne and Sparkling wine trade and award show. A participant of the show said the following “Winning the title of The World’s Finest Glass of Bubbly with the label that we represent, Champagne Deutz Blanc de Blancs 2010, we saw an immediate increase in the amount of interest and orders.”

– In January 2024, we will use our platform to promote a French-Italian sculptor who made his debut at the art3F International Contemporary Art Fair Monaco in August 2023.

– In February 2024, we will launch the “Women in Cigars” series, highlighting women’s roles in the cigar industry, both as professionals and leisurely cigar enthusiasts, breaking the stereotypes that it’s a domain exclusively for men.

– Our newsletter boasts an impressive average open rate of 53%.

As Oris Erhuero continues to make a profound impact, we remain committed to providing valuable insights, fostering meaningful discussions, and deeply engaging with our audience. Our content focuses on connecting diverse minds with authenticity and curiosity, with a focus on enhancing knowledge and understanding.

Oris’s Sanctuary cordially invites Media Outlets, Listeners, and Industry Professionals to experience its latest episode and discover the compelling stories, insights, and expertise it has to offer. Don’t miss this opportunity to join a community of passionate, informed listeners and be part of the conversation.

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About Oris’s Sanctuary:

Oris’s Sanctuary stands as a beacon, ushering you into the realm of peer-to-peer conversations guided by thought leaders in their respective fields, celebrating a tapestry of viewpoints and experiences. With a growing audience and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Oris’s Sanctuary is dedicated to being a trusted source of knowledge and entertainment in the podcasting world.

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