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Ossa Collective Becomes Exclusive Sales Partner for Campside Media’s “White Devil”

Ossa Collective Becomes Exclusive Sales Partner for Campside Media’s “White Devil”

Ossa Collective

April 4, 2024

**For Immediate Release**

Ossa Becomes Exclusive Sales Partner for Campside Media’s Globe-Trotting True Crime Podcast “White Devil”

In a significant partnership announcement, Ossa has been named the exclusive sales partner for the eagerly anticipated true crime podcast “White Devil,” the first wholly original podcast from renowned producers Campside Media (winners of the 2023 Podcast Academy “Podcast of the Year” award). This riveting 12-part series, hosted by narrative journalist and Campside co-founder Josh Dean, delves into the enthralling and tragic tale surrounding the death of a senior Belizean police officer, Henry Jemmott, late one night in the tiny, tropical paradise of Belize.

“White Devil” unravels the complex narrative of Jasmine Hartin, a Canadian property developer and a key figure in one of Belize’s most influential families, who finds herself at the center of this high-profile case. The podcast meticulously chronicles the investigation into and events set into motion by Officer Jemmott’s death, from the incident on May 28, 2021, to the present day, offering listeners an unprecedented glimpse into Belize’s unique cultural and political landscape.

Through twelve forty-minute episodes, listeners will be taken on a journey into the heart of Belize, exploring themes of power, corruption, and the dichotomy of its society. Featuring extensive access to Jasmine Hartin, as well as interviews with her family and close associates, local Belizeans, journalists, and expatriates, “White Devil” promises to be a groundbreaking series that sheds light on the country’s most pressing issues and on the enigmatic figure of Lord Michael Ashcroft, a billionaire dual national who is arguably Belize’s most influential person.

Josh Dean is no stranger to gripping narratives, having captivated audiences with podcasts like “Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen,” “Hooked,” and “The Clearing.” His adept storytelling and investigative journalism bring “White Devil” to life, promising a series filled with intrigue, suspense, and revelations.

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this spellbinding series. “White Devil” will premiere on May 6th, with episodes released weekly until July 8th. Tune in to witness a story of intrigue, power, and the quest for justice in one of the most captivating true crime podcasts of the year.

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About Ossa Collective:

Ossa is a premier advertising and sales partner specializing in podcast promotions and partnerships. With a focus on delivering impactful and engaging content, Ossa connects audiences with stories that matter.

About Campside Media:

Campside Media stands at the forefront of podcast production, renowned for its high-quality, investigative storytelling that captivates and educates listeners worldwide. With a diverse portfolio of successful podcasts, Campside continues to push the boundaries of narrative journalism.




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