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Ossa’s 10-Part Series to Demystify Podcast Advertising for Startups and Brands

Ossa’s 10-Part Series to Demystify Podcast Advertising for Startups and Brands


November 1, 2023

Ossa, a podcast advertising and creator management platform, is pleased to announce a 10-part series designed to provide practical insights into podcast advertising for startups and brands. This series aims to equip participants with the knowledge and strategies needed to succeed in the dynamic podcast advertising landscape.

In today’s evolving advertising environment, podcasts have emerged as a potent medium for reaching target audiences. Understanding and effectively using this platform is crucial for any brand or startup looking to make a mark. Ossa’s comprehensive series covers essential topics guided by industry experts, offering a deep dive into the world of podcast advertising.

The series begins with a session on “Introduction to Podcast Advertising” offering insights into the inception and evolution of podcast advertising.

Subsequent sessions explore “The Impact of Podcast Advertising” and “Getting Started,” providing information on various entry points into podcast advertising, including network partnerships, agency collaborations, and direct host partnerships.

“Taking the First Steps” guides participants through the initial stages of their podcast advertising journey. The series features renowned figures in the field:

Adam Gilbert, Advertising Sales @ Ossa: A veteran with over a decade of experience in the advertising industry, known for launching one of the first podcast ad campaigns and holding leadership positions at industry giants.

Bart Roselli, Senior Vice President of Growth @ Veritone One: A specialist in optimizing influencer and audio marketing strategies for brands.

Bryan Barletta, Partner @ Sounds Profitable: A seasoned professional with over 13 years of experience in ad technology.

Throughout this series, participants can expect to:


  • Assess the benefits of podcast advertising for their brand.
  • Identify the right partners and strategies for podcast advertising.
  • Select suitable hosts and shows for collaboration.
  • Explore various podcast ad formats.
  • Measure attribution and ROI.
  • Create effective media plans and strategies.
  • Navigate industry terminology.
  • Seamlessly integrate podcast advertising into their marketing mix.
  • Address topics such as brand safety, AI, and creativity.

This series is hosted by Ossa and features special guests. Ossa is a podcast advertising and creator management platform dedicated to making podcast advertising accessible to brands and creators of all sizes.

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About Ossa

Ossa is a podcast advertising and creator management platform that bridges the gap between brands and podcast creators.

Media Contact: Anne Kavanagh, CEO,

Event Title: Startup Series: Introduction to Podcast Advertising

Date: 3PM EST, Nov 8th, 2023