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Over 100 New York City Public Schools to Replace Bells with Educational Podcasts

Over 100 New York City Public Schools to Replace Bells with Educational Podcasts

ABF Creative

February 1, 2024

SonarCloud and ABF Creative have embarked on a groundbreaking initiative, starting with 100 New York City public schools. Traditional school bells will be replaced with “Mini Pods,” bite-sized educational podcasts. Launching in February, coinciding with Black History Month, this innovative change aims to engage over 300,000 students daily with rich educational content. The initiative, expected to make 10 million monthly impressions, is set to reimagine educational delivery.

The traditional school bell is being replaced by a 60-second podcast, seamlessly integrating into the school day. Reflecting the diverse student body of New York City, these podcasts are rich in cultural diversity and inclusivity. February’s focus on Black historical figures will lead to monthly themes, including social-emotional learning, women’s history, and more, enriching learning and offering new avenues for responsible brand engagement.

Following New York City’s lead, expansion plans are underway for 1,000 more schools nationwide, including Chicago and Los Angeles. The rapid adoption of Mini Pods is attributed to SonarCloud’s sound management platform, which transforms any school PA system into a cost-effective cloud-enabled device. The partnership with ABF Creative ensures access to safe, educational content, enhancing students’ experiences.

Jesse Baptiste of Sonarcloud states, “Education is continually evolving; our methods must, too. Replacing traditional school bells with educational podcasts is more than a sonic change—it’s a gateway to continuous, engaging, and interactive learning.”

Anthony Frasier, CEO of ABF Creative, adds, “Our goal is to integrate educational narratives into the daily school rhythm, enriching each learning moment. This initiative reflects our community’s diversity and heralds a new era in storytelling, learning, and impactful connections.”

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