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Podbean Launches In-App AI FunctionalityEdit Effortlessly On-The-Go with the Podbean Mobile Recording Studio

Podbean Launches In-App AI FunctionalityEdit Effortlessly On-The-Go with the Podbean Mobile Recording Studio


June 10, 2024

Podbean, the premier podcast hosting platform, proudly unveils the AI-powered Mobile Recording Studio, which puts the power of AI editing in the hands of podcasters everywhere. This innovative new functionality allows users to record, edit, and AI-optimize their podcast episodes directly from the Podbean app, offering creators unprecedented ease and efficiency in enhancing their podcast quality.

Creators can now leverage the mobile integration of Podbean AI to generate the episode title and description for the podcasters, instead of manually typing long episode descriptions on their phones. This provides a superior user experience, by streamlining workflow and reducing heavy lift on producers and creators. The AI technology also removes long silences, reduces background noise, and levels audio, ensuring professional sound quality. Additionally, it boosts podcast discoverability by generating chapter markers and transcripts. This comprehensive suite of AI features empowers podcasters to produce high-quality content while attracting a broader audience.

Creators can learn how to utilize this innovative feature here, or follow Podbean’s step-by-step tutorial below.

“At Podbean we are committed to equipping podcasters with cutting-edge tools that will enable quality podcast production that builds audience engagement and opens up new monetization avenues,” said David Xu, Podbean CEO. “Our new AI-powered mobile recording studio empowers creators to deliver top-notch content with greater ease and effectiveness. Now, with the AI-powered Podbean app, it’s never been easier to launch and maintain a professionally-produced podcast.”

The Podbean AI-powered Mobile Recording Studio offers:

  • Enhanced audio quality: Automatically remove long silences, reduce background noise, and level out audio, ensuring a polished and professional sound.
  • SEO optimization: Generate chapter markers, transcripts, and SEO-optimized titles and descriptions to improve your podcast’s visibility and discoverability.
  • Effortless editing: Seamlessly add intros and outros during the recording process before initiating AI processing for a streamlined editing experience.

For a quick overview of these new Podbean AI features, visit this link. iOS users can find platform-specific help here, while Android users can do the same here.


Randi PPool