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Podbean Presents “How to Use AI to Market Your Podcast” with AI Expert Mike Kaput

Podbean Presents “How to Use AI to Market Your Podcast” with AI Expert Mike Kaput


May 20, 2024

Podbean, a leading podcast hosting platform, is thrilled to announce a virtual event poised to transform how podcasters approach marketing. On May 30th, “How to Use AI to Market Your Podcast” will feature Mike Kaput, Chief Content Officer at Marketing AI Institute. This event aims to equip podcasters with the knowledge and tools to effectively use artificial intelligence to expand their reach and engagement.

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During this virtual event, Mike Kaput will share insights on leveraging AI technologies to enhance podcast marketing strategies. Attendees will learn about the latest AI tools, practical applications of AI in podcasting, and strategies to boost audience growth and engagement.

Podbean’s CEO, David Xu, commented on the upcoming event, saying, “We are excited to continually offer podcasting AI and marketing expertise to the podcasting community. As the industry evolves, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve. Mike’s expertise in AI provides invaluable insights that can significantly benefit podcast creators in enhancing their marketing efforts.”

Event Highlights Include:

  • Introduction to AI and its Role in Podcast Marketing: Discover how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing podcast marketing and what it means for your content.
  • Exploration of Cutting-Edge AI Tools: Learn about the AI tools that can automate and enhance marketing tasks, improving efficiency and engagement.
  • Practical Strategies for AI Integration: Gain actionable advice on how to incorporate AI into your existing podcast marketing strategies to maximize results.
  • Boosting Podcast Discoverability and Engagement: Explore techniques that use AI to increase your podcast’s visibility and keep audiences engaged.
  • Future Trends in AI for Podcast Marketing: Get insights into the evolving landscape of AI technologies and how they are shapingthe future of podcast marketing.

Register here for Podbean’s, “How to Use AI to Market Your Podcast: Insights from the Marketing AI Institute”, and join the live stream to learn tools to improve your podcast creation, production and growth:

How to Use AI to Market Your Podcast: Insights from Marketing AI Institute

Podbean is sponsoring and coordinating these events on their YouTube channel and Linkedin to make this content accessible to people all around the world. Participants can also register and follow all of Podbean’s events on Eventbrite.


Randi PPool