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Podcast Ad 3rd Party Tracking Explained

Podcast Ad 3rd Party Tracking Explained


October 12, 2023

Podbean announced the next event in their Advertising Bootcamp training series. This free virtual event will run October 16th at 6pm Easter, 3pm Pacific and will provide crucial insights into the world of podcast advertising tracking.

Podcast advertising has become a pivotal component of marketing strategies for businesses worldwide. Understanding how 3rd party tracking works is essential for advertisers to optimize their campaigns effectively. This event will shed light on the intricacies of podcast ad tracking, how it integrates with Podbean’s Ad Marketplace campaigns and offer an overall deep dive into the subject.

At “PODCAST ADS BOOTCAMP,” attendees will have the opportunity to hear from industry expert Pete Birsinger, Founder and CEO of Podscribe, a leader in automated Quality Assurance for podcast ads. The event will cover topics such as ad tracking metrics, optimization techniques, and data-driven decision-making. It is designed for businesses involved in podcast advertising and those looking to venture into this medium.

“Podcast advertising is a dynamic field, and we want to empower our advertisers and podcasters with a nuanced understanding of how 3rd party tracking works.” says Podbean’s CEO David Xu, “It can make all the difference in your advertising campaign success. We’re excited to team up with Podscribe, one of our 3rd party tracking vendors and a leader within the industry, to share expertise and empower advertisers to effectively navigate this landscape.”

To register for Podbean’s Advertising Bootcamp 3rd Party Tracking Event, you can join the live stream to learn how ads are tracked:

PODCAST ADS BOOTCAMP: Demystifying 3rd Party Tracking for podcasts

Podbean is sponsoring and coordinating these events on their YouTube channel and Linkedin to make this content accessible to people all around the world. Participants can also register and follow all of Podbean’s events on Eventbrite.


Randi P'Pool