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Podcast Radio

May 20, 2024

In an exciting new partnership, Podcast Radio, the innovative spoken word format, is collaborating with Alpha Media to bring a unique radio experience to Missouri.

Podcast Radio Missouri will launch on KREI-AM (Farmington) on May 27th and KWIX AM/FM (Moberly) on June 17th.

Podcast Radio Missouri will be featured across dayparts on the two stations, prominently acting as the Morning Show in both markets, offering a fresh and dynamic start to the day. This partnership marks a significant expansion of Podcast Radio’s format into the American radio landscape, promising to offer Missouri listeners a novel way to explore podcasting content through traditional radio.

Listeners will hear top-quality podcast content from across North America and the world, while also giving airtime to local Missouri podcast content. Localized imaging and station IDs will feature across Podcast Radio Missouri broadcast hours, which also include original interviews with podcasters. Gene ‘Bean’ Baxter acts as lead interviewer, delving deep into the methodology and personality of both local and national podcasts and their creators.

Gerry Edwards, CEO of Podcast Radio, notes, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Alpha. The team has been great to work with in the build-up to launch, and we cannot wait to hear more Missouri-based podcasters on these stations.”

Phil Becker, Executive Vice President of Content at Alpha, said, “We’re excited to partner with Podcast Radio to bring this innovative format to our listeners in Missouri. This partnership underscores our commitment to delivering fresh, engaging content that resonates with our communities. While we are launching on one station in two Missouri markets, our goal is to expand the format to our other two Missouri markets”.

Gary Krantz, CEO of Krantz Media Group (KMG) who is overseeing syndication of Podcast Radio, added, “We are excited to expand Podcast Radio’s presence into Missouri with Alpha Media. Together, we’re creating a new gateway for listeners to discover and enjoy the best in podcast content through the familiar and trusted medium of radio.

Podcast Radio, renowned for its seamless adaptation of podcast content into a radio-friendly format, was first established in the UK in 2020. It broadcasts 24/7 online, via smart speakers, apps, and on both FM and AM radio, leveraging the familiarity and trust people have in traditional radio to help listeners discover and select from millions of podcasts. The format includes live “Podjocks” who provide engaging transitions, interviews, and commentary, enhancing the radio listening experience with high-quality podcast content from around the globe.

Alpha Media is a perfect home for Podcast Radio’s new venture, aligning with its commitment to innovation and the future of audio service in our communities.

AdLarge Media, handling network advertising sales for Podcast Radio, will continue to connect advertisers with this unique format, offering premium opportunities for engagement across the new Missouri stations.


**About Podcast Radio:**

Podcast Radio is a pioneering 24/7 speech format that adapts podcast content into a radio-friendly listening experience. Established in the UK, Podcast Radio has grown to international acclaim, known for its innovative approach to broadcasting and podcasting. The platform helps listeners discover and enjoy podcasts via traditional radio, all supported by localized promos and engaging “Podjocks.”

**About KMG:**

Krantz Media Group (KMG) is a highly reputable media firm that specializes in helping companies navigate the dynamic landscape of the media industry in the U.S. and worldwide. With a strong focus on strategy, content development, audience engagement, and monetization strategies, KMG empowers its clients to achieve their marketing objectives and build a robust brand presence. Led by its founder and industry veteran, Gary Krantz, Krantz Media Group has a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success. The company has worked with numerous prominent brands and media organizations, offering strategic guidance, innovative solutions, and hands-on support to drive growth and maximize results.


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