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Podchaser’s Predictive Demographics Update Brings Even Deeper Insight to Podcast Advertisers

Podchaser’s Predictive Demographics Update Brings Even Deeper Insight to Podcast Advertisers


March 27, 2024

Advertiser demand for podcast audience insights in cookie-free world drives Podchaser’s continued enhancements to AI-driven targeting across three million podcasts

Podchaser, the podcast industry’s intelligence engine, today announced enhancements to its AI-powered Predictive Demographics feature, which improves podcast audience targeting for advertisers across three million English language podcasts. Building on its industry-first technology announced last fall, Podchaser leverages AI, as opposed to first-party data, to analyze the language spoken within a podcast to predict audience attributes.

With this latest update, Podchaser extends its AI-driven prediction model to include which listeners are parents, the country in which they live, and their education level for all English podcasts. These additions complement existing age and gender models, offering advertisers more comprehensive targeting capabilities when building data-driven campaigns. Since launching in October of 2023, 84% of Podchaser clients have utilized Predictive Demographic data.

“Podcasts pack a unique punch – rich, diverse content with dedicated fan bases. But until now, advertisers were limited in the available audience data, which historically has made targeting a challenge across many campaigns.This issue compounds as we look toward a possibly cookie-free future.” said Bradley Davis, CEO of Podchaser. “With Podchaser’s constantly evolving technology, we’re continuing to break down those barriers to allow for demographic targeting across all podcasts and help media buyers unlock the true potential of podcast advertising.”

Among the many Podchaser users that have found success in podcast advertising using Predictive Demographics has been HUNTER PR. As a longtime client, the HUNTER PR team has used a variety of tools across the Podchaser suite.

“We are constantly monitoring the evolving AI landscape and integrating the best tools into our day-to-day work. We’re thrilled to see that Podchaser is doing the same and providing AI-driven solutions that will help us better learn about the make-up of podcast audiences,” said Heddy DeMaria, Chief Insights and Strategy Officer at HUNTER PR.

To explore the full capabilities of Podchaser’s Predictive Demographics as well as Collections+ and how they can benefit your podcast advertising strategy, please visit or reach out to Cole Raven at