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Podder and Sonnant – Cookieless Targeting

Podder and Sonnant – Cookieless Targeting


March 20, 2024

Podder & Sonnant have released their cookieless targeting solution. They’ve combined and structured the deep contextual signals and intent within audio content, with detailed audience segments and listener demographics. It’s now available via API, or via the Sonnant platform.

Melbourne, Australia [18 March 2024] — Last year, Sonnant and Podder joined forces to integrate their contextual and demographic targeting capabilities. With cookies being deprecated, they recognised that audio needed new targeting solutions and capabilities.

Tony Simmons, Founder and CEO of Sonnant, says “We understood that radio, podcasting, and audio in general is going through unparalleled digital transformation and tech-upheaval. With the combined rise of programmatic advertising and extinction of cookies, there was a need, and opportunity, to use our AI generated data to provide solutions. Moreover, to make this data function, we needed to build out ‘connective tissue’ between all stages and systems of the programmatic pipeline, especially between publishers and advertisers.”

Christian Sørensen, founder of Podder stated, “It’s still that case that advertisers want more precision, and publishers want greater yield. To achieve these aims, smarter data was required to facilitate effective audience targeting. Our ability to segment not only audiences, but the shows that these audiences consume, ensures that both the advertisers and publishers can extract maximum value from their content and activate campaigns with precision and ease.”

Sonnant decodes the nuances of spoken-word content, allowing publishers and advertisers to uncover and structure content signals, intent, sentiment, and relevance, setting a new standard for contextual advertising.

Podder provides unparalleled insights into listener demographics, preferences, and behaviour. Their advanced analytics empower content creators and advertisers to achieve relevance through data-driven decisions.

Together, Sonnant and Podder’s API allows customers to:

• Evolve content planning: Select both your target demographics and contextual framework to build a target client segment.

• Rapidly build advertising profiles: See in seconds, how many ad slots are available / relevant, what shows fit the brief, see total audience reach and overlay IAB categories.

• Set-up and activate targeting: Choose the shows, keywords and context and then have the campaign activated through API automation.

Programmatic is in, cookies are out. Get ready for the solutions that improve conversion and yield whilst streamlining your manual processes and reducing advertising wastage.

For more information or a demo, please see our deck here, meet with us at NAB, or contact:

  • Tony Simmons, CEO, Sonnant,
  • Christian Sørensen, CEO, Podder,

About Sonnant

Sonnant uses AI & ML to transform audio into data for the digital era. The Sonnant platform digitises broadcast, podcast, radio and streaming audio into specialist data, automating manual, non-remunerative workflows and connecting via API to publication & advertising systems.

About Podderapp

Podder is a leader in audio demographic analytics, providing insights that enable content creators and advertisers to connect with their target audience effectively. Their data-driven approach maximises the impact of audio content and advertising.