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PodRoll Announces New Podcast Growth Technology: Dynamic Feed Drops

PodRoll Announces New Podcast Growth Technology: Dynamic Feed Drops


March 6, 2024

PodRoll unveiled Dynamic Feed Drops, an industry-first solution designed to overcome the limitations of traditional podcast feed drops. Enabled by dynamic insertion, this innovative technology allows podcasters to leverage the audience acquisition power of feed drops with efficiency, control, and targeting.

Dynamic Feed Drops are promotional episodes inserted across PodRoll’s ecosystem of more than 30 podcast networks. The episode is added as the second most recent episode in a feed and works across all major podcast listening platforms. Once the host podcast publishes a new episode, the recommended episode is automatically removed from the feed, requiring no additional work from either podcaster. This innovative approach facilitates simple, standardized, and effective cross-promotion and converts recurring listeners with a direct link to follow the podcast in Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Unlike traditional feed drops, PodRoll’s Dynamic Feed Drops leverage technology to simplify running feed drops at scale, helping every promotional campaign reach its goal.

“With Dynamic Feed Drops, we’re modernizing one of the most powerful ways to grow a podcast’s audience,” said Jason Cox, CEO/CTO of PodRoll. “This technology ensures that every feed drop not only reaches its target audience, but does so in a scalable way that eliminates the manual work required with the traditional method.”

Dynamic Feed Drop placement is facilitated between buyers and sellers in the PodRoll marketplace. With real-time metrics and full self-serve control, podcasters can launch campaigns to grow their show or accept campaigns to earn revenue.

“This technology enables podcasters to sell feed drops programmatically,” said Matt Turck, CRO of PodRoll. “We’re excited to bring a meaningful revenue stream to our partners that does not conflict with advertising inventory or impact any of their creative and publishing operations.”

Key Features for Buyers:

· Scale Your Reach: Seamlessly place your episode across many podcasts with a single campaign

· Targeted Spending: Control where your show is promoted across the PodRoll network

· Pay for Performance: Your investment is tied directly to actual activity on your promoted podcast feed

· Track Effortlessly: Natively identify recurring listeners generated from each campaign

Key Features for Sellers:

· Earn Effortlessly: Generate $50+ CPM for every promotional episode, all through programmatic sales

· Simplify Your Workflow: No sales teams or coordination needed, every campaign is approved and tracked from one dashboard

· Maintain Control: Enjoy full content approval rights and manage your feed with ease; feed drops are automatically removed after your next episode is published

Dynamic Feed Drops are available immediately to all podcasters with a minimum $500 budget. This ensures that podcasts of all sizes can take advantage of this innovative growth strategy and get their content in front of active listeners on any podcast.

For more information on how to elevate your podcast growth strategy with Dynamic Feed Drops, visit


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