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Podscribe Announces Integration with MTA Rocker Box

Podscribe Announces Integration with MTA Rocker Box


May 2, 2024

Wanted you to be the first to know about Podscribe’s official integration with leading Multi-Touch Attribution platform, Rockerbox! — Details and press release below!


This partnership introduces an innovative integration that, for the first time, allows podcast advertising data to be analyzed alongside other digital marketing efforts within a cross-channel, multi-touch attribution framework.

Not only does this integration fill a crucial gap in the market but places Podscribe at the forefront of attribution providers, catering to advertisers seeking a comprehensive view of their campaigns performance across diverse media channels.

It’s a significant step forward in validating and optimizing the impact of podcast advertising across channels while bringing in advertisers who require this level of centralization, analysis, and in-depth performance insights.


We believe that this partnership will greatly benefit marketers by providing a holistic and nuanced understanding of podcast advertising’s role within the broader digital marketing mix.


About Rocker Box

Rocker Box, a leader in multi-touch attribution, centralizes data from all performance marketing channels into a single platform, providing marketers with a holistic view of their campaigns’ effectiveness. By integrating complex data streams, Rocker Box enables marketers to make informed decisions and effectively attribute conversions to the correct channels and touchpoints.


Understanding Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)

MTA is vital for marketers to understand the multiple interactions a customer may have with various marketing channels before making a purchase. This comprehensive view allows businesses to optimize their advertising spend across channels, ensuring each one contributes effectively to the conversion path.


The Integration

Until now, podcast advertising data has not been readily available on MTA platforms, leaving a significant gap in comprehensive performance analysis. With Podscribe’s integration into Rocker Box, users can now pull precise podcast advertising data directly into the Rocker Box platform, viewing it alongside other channels such as social media, PPC, and email marketing. This integration allows for a unified analysis of how podcast advertising performs in relation to other marketing efforts, filling a crucial need for advertisers branching into or dominating the podcast space.


A Game-Changer for Advertisers

This integration is particularly beneficial for advertisers who are expanding their presence in podcast advertising and need to validate and measure their investments alongside traditional digital channels. By incorporating podcast data into Rocker Box, Podscribe not only differentiates itself from other attribution providers but also aligns with the needs of modern advertisers seeking comprehensive, cross-channel insights.


Full Press Release Here:


Amelia Coomber