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Podspace continues to grow – now the second largest podcast platform and ad network in Sweden

Podspace continues to grow – now the second largest podcast platform and ad network in Sweden

April 5, 2024

According to the latest data from Poddindex (Kantar Mediafacts), Podspace was Sweden’s fastest-growing podcast platform in 2023, with unique listener reach increasing by 21%. This growth is significantly higher than the 13% average observed among the four platforms included in the measurement (Podspace, Acast, Bauer Media, Swedish Radio).

Today, Podspace announced that several of the largest publishers in Sweden have signed partnerships with Podspace Ads, the company’s advertising network for 15-30 second audio ads.

In 2023, Podspace platform saw a growth of 21%, thereby surpassing the 1 million weekly unique listeners mark. This solidified Podspace position as one of the leading podcast platforms in the Nordics.

“Rapid growth in a mature and competitive market is a testament that Podspace has a unique offer. The key, I think, has been our recent decision to focus the platform and our services primarily towards large enterprise publishers, combined with a flexible and results-driven approach. Podspace right to exist is defined by the value we bring to both publishers and advertisers, and thatʼs deeply ingrained in our DNA and way of business,” says Carl Fridsjö, CEO of Podspace (pictured above).

Podspace reports that several of Sweden’s largest publishers and creators have recently joined its ad network for audio ads, Podspace Ads. This move makes their inventory either fully or partially accessible to advertisers via Podspaceʼs marketplace. In less than a year since its launch in 2023, Podspace Ads has become the second largest podcast ad network in Sweden, thanks to a recent surge in available ad inventory.

“The media agencies have begun to recognize the scale of our ad network and the results we can produce. As a result, we naturally become a key component of our customers’ audio campaigns, which is excellent. There’s been recent discussion about a “podcast bubble”. However, the reality is that the podcast market is expanding quickly, and Podspace is growing even faster than the marketˮ, says Lukas Boo, Director of Sales.

Partners to Podspace Ads 2024 include (among others):

  • Bonnier News, including its subsidiaries (newspapers Expressen, Dagens Nyheter, Dagens Industri etc)
  • Amedia / Moderne Media Perfect Day Media
  • Make Sense Media Kvartal
  • NTM

About Podspace

Podspace is a distribution platform and marketplace for podcasts focused on partnerships with professional publishers and creators. Through the platform, customers gain access to tools such as CMS, hosting, ad network, campaign management, verified & audited statistics, paywall solutions, and more. Podspace is platform-independent and distributes content to all podcast players in the open ecosystem, and also offers special integrations with Apple and Spotify for premium content.