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Podster signs distribution agreement with popular audio and book streaming service in Denmark

Podster signs distribution agreement with popular audio and book streaming service in Denmark


March 4, 2024

The Danish podcast company Podster has entered into a distribution agreement with Saxo, the company behind one of the most popular audio and book streaming services in Denmark. The deal encompasses three podcasts from Podster’s catalogue, which are already available on Saxo’s streaming platform.

Podster has succeeded in transforming local podcasts into international formats, releasing shows in the United Kingdom, the United States, Finland, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. They also gained acclaim for their Danish true crime show, ‘Forhøret’, which was published to the RSS feed through a collaboration with Acast, and strode to the top of the charts. The agreement with Saxo is Podster’s first distribution deal in Denmark.

“Our latest agreement marks three milestones for Podster. It is our first distribution agreement in Denmark, the first collaboration with a book streaming service and the first Podster original show to be released. We are thrilled to partner with Saxo and hope to contribute much more content to them over time,” says Podster’s CEO and Co-founder, Henriette Høj Gharib.

The agreement features two historical true crime podcasts: ‘Crosshairs’ from What’s the Story Sounds, a podcast that examines murders of prominent figures throughout history, and BBC Studios’ ‘Killing Victoria’, a miniseries focusing on the attempted assassinations of Queen Victoria and narrated by Danish actress Ellen Hillingsø. Podster’s original and brand-new children’s podcast ‘The World’s Wackiest Bandits’, narrated by actor Nicolas Bro, is also part of the distribution deal.

About Podster & Saxo

Podster is an audio production company based in Denmark. Podster’s goal is to introduce the most popular podcasts to new markets by localising amazing podcasts from all over the world and reproducing them to new languages.

Saxo is Denmark’s largest online book retailer and owns one of the country’s most popular audio and book streaming services.


Amanda Lee Edelstein