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Quill Releases Client Study on the Impact of Branded Podcasts

Quill Releases Client Study on the Impact of Branded Podcasts

Quill Inc

May 8, 2024

Quill Releases Client Study on the Impact of Branded Podcasts

Chicago, IL – Quill, a leading podcast production agency has published their Branded Podcast Study, which examines the impact of podcasts on companies and their marketing success. The study shares the experiences of six Quill clients, each of whom has successfully incorporated podcasts into their wider content strategy.

Participating brands include, SickKids Foundation, Ledn, Surescripts, The Institutes, and the Nuclear Energy Institute. The findings emphasize how podcasts are powerful tools for enhancing brand visibility and establishing thought leadership, significantly increasing engagement among stakeholders and audiences.

Key insights from the study include:

  • Integral processes involved in podcast creation
  • Understanding if a podcast is right for your brand
  • How podcasts benefit various sectors and industries
  • The direct effects of podcasting on brand perception and engagement


“Podcasts allow brands to forge deeper, more personal connections with their audience,” stated Fatima Zaidi, Founder and CEO of Quill. “This study demonstrates that podcasts are not just supplementary media but are core to elevating brand presence and engaging both new and existing customers more effectively.”

The Quill Branded Podcast Study is a must-read for marketers considering podcasts as a part of their content strategy, as it provides them with the necessary insights to align podcasts with their broader business objectives.

The full report is available for download on the Quill website, found here.


About Quill:

Quill is a podcast production agency that works with brands to produce high-quality audio content. Quill specializes in crafting compelling branded podcasts and audio marketing strategies that produce an impact. Working with leading companies including Interac, McKinsey & Co., Expedia Group, and PwC, Quill empowers brands to tell their stories, engage their listeners, and make a lasting impact.

Quill is also the parent company to CoHost, a podcast analytics, hosting, and audience insights tool that provides brands with deeper metrics around who is listening to their podcast. Through CoHost, Quill provides clients with actionable, data-driven insights on podcast performance.

Learn more at their website: and