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Rainn Wilson Releases Trailer for New Podcast Series

Rainn Wilson Releases Trailer for New Podcast Series

Soul Boom

March 18, 2024

LOS ANGELES, March 18, 2024 — Soul Boom, the nascent media brand led by Rainn Wilson, released a trailer today for its new podcast series that will delve deep into the essence of the human journey—exploring creativity, spirituality, and psychology. In conversations with some of the brightest artists, thinkers, and doers, the podcast aims to empower listeners in their efforts at both personal growth and social change.

Presented by Voicing Change and in partnership with Spring Green Films, the Soul Boom podcast will air on YouTube every Tuesday starting April 9. Originally conceptualized in the form of a book written by Wilson, Soul Boom explores the potential for a spiritual revolution—a “Soul Boom” to instigate healing transformations, both individually and collectively. The podcast aims to extend the conversation beyond the pages of the book, sharing the inspirational stories and insights of diverse guests who excel not only in their professional realm, but also in their commitment to positive change, personal development, and global impact.

Wilson, widely recognized for his iconic role in “The Office,” has since become known for his enterprising explorations of life’s big questions, culminating in this newest endeavor. “It’s a mission of mine to dive deep into universal human conversations because I’m convinced we need a spiritual revolution,” said Wilson. “Brace yourselves for some profundity and laughter with some brilliant, big-hearted guests, as the Soul Boom podcast launches into the inspirational stratosphere!”

About Soul Boom: Soul Boom is a series of intimate conversations, hosted by Rainn Wilson, exploring meaningful and inspiring topics that tickle the mind, heart and soul. At times irreverent, yet unafraid to touch on the profound, Soul Boom digs into the core of the human experience: creativity, spirituality and psychology. Soul Boom brings to the conversation some of the most brilliant and heart-felt artists, thinkers and doers, guiding the listener toward transformation on both a personal and societal level. Also, laughs. Stay connected with us by subscribing to our YouTube channel (@soulboom), and follow us on Instagram (@soulboom) and on TikTok (@soulboom).

About Voicing Change: Voicing Change Media is a podcast creator network where conversations matter. We share powerful insights and stories across a spectrum of voices. Our mission is to spark conversations that inspire, educate, entertain and empower people to live authentically. To learn more visit or follow us on Instagram (@voicingchange).

About Spring Green Films: Spring Green Films is a new media company inspired by the belief that the world is made of one people on one planet. Founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Steve Sarowitz, Spring Green Films is a content studio for film, television, and new media with the aim of elevating discourse and effecting positive social transformation. ###