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Realm’s Hell-iday Special “Last Call” Drops Friday on Undertow

Realm’s Hell-iday Special “Last Call” Drops Friday on Undertow


December 8, 2023

On a lonely Christmas night, hustler Eddie Kincaid is on a winding backroad of Maine, on his way to pull off the biggest scam of his life – until his car goes sideways and he finds shelter in a rustic tavern. But soon Eddie realizes he’s in no ordinary bar, and he has until midnight to convince the enigmatic bartender he’s sorry for the terrible things he’s done… Or face terrible consequences. So begins LAST CALL, the two-part “Hell-iday” special dropping Dec 8 + 15 on Realm’s acclaimed horror podcast, Undertow.

“It’s basically if Ebeneezer Scrooge went by way of Stephen King,” says creator Fred Greenhalgh, also Undertow’s host.

Starring Lee Tergesen (OZ, The Purge) and Ilyssa Fradin (Batman Begins), LAST CALL embraces the primal nature of the Winter Solstice, back when the holiday was a time for seeking mercy against the bitter edge of winter.

Undertow is Realm’s premier horror podcast channel, showcasing new original works of elevated audio horror. Notable past seasons include the chart-topping Blood Forest, starring Jack Falahee (How to Get Away with Murder), and The Sisters, starring Mae Whitman (Good Girls, Parenthood).


Olivia DeRienzo