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Reggie Risseeuw Joins Amplitude Media Partners Ownership Group

Reggie Risseeuw Joins Amplitude Media Partners Ownership Group

Amplitude Media Partners

June 10, 2024

Industry Expert to Focus on Programmatic Solutions & Publisher Relations

Amplitude Media Partners (AMP), a media sales company providing revenue generating solutions for independent creators, is thrilled to announce the addition of podcast industry expert and advocate Reggie Risseeuw to its ownership group. With 24 years of collective media experience across both podcasting and terrestrial radio, Risseeuw has been tabbed to lead both the company’s publisher relations and programmatic efforts with a focus on maximizing podcaster revenue via best-in-class demand solutions.

“It’s obvious Amplitude Media Partners shares my professional priority of always putting publishers first,” said Risseeuw. “If you do right by these talented individuals, the rest will fall into place from a business perspective. AMP has already established itself as a fantastic option for podcaster direct sales (i.e. host reads) and I intend to use my skills and knowledge to help those repped by the company to fully maximize their earning potential by incorporating all relevant revenue generating solutions.”

Risseeuw, already a co-owner of the podcaster support company RAM Media Services, brings with him an intimate knowledge of the industry’s top hosting platforms, as well as relationships with many of the top programmatic demand sources. He’s also a podcaster himself, serving as co-host of the daily show Cool Stuff, Ride Home, affording him a unique perspective on monetization optimization.

“When programmatic advertising is employed as a supplemental solution alongside host reads, feed drops, and other revenue generating opportunities, it can be an incredible tool to ensure publishers maximize earnings for their work,” said Risseeuw.

Risseeuw and AMP founding partner John Donahue are also familiar with each other’s respective skillsets, having previously spent nearly four years together as colleagues at AdvertiseCast.

“I can’t begin to describe how excited I am we’re adding Reggie to the team,” said Donahue. “He’s passionate about this industry and his skillset is the perfect complement to our existing direct sales efforts. Reggie’s skills, knowledge and relationships will take our publisher monetization solution to another level, and in turn boost AMP’s position in the industry.”

In addition to lending his industry and programmatic expertise, Risseeuw will also provide flighting and operational support to publishers who opt to host their show(s) on one of AMP’s partner platforms. In doing so, publishers will maintain a thorough understanding of their available impressions, fill rate and financial potential while relying on AMP to manage their respective ad campaigns. About Amplitude Media Partners:

Amplitude Media Partners (AMP) is a media sales company dedicated to empowering independent podcasters and YouTube creators by removing the stress associated with monetization. Instead of worrying about securing sales, creators are free to do what they do best. With this creator-centric approach, Amplitude Media Partners specializes in forging authentic brand partnerships, providing monetization solutions, and offering data-driven insights to drive success in the digital media space. For more information on AMP and its services, please visit