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Rezilience Ltd. partners with Gen-Z Media to launch A2Z, a new podcast and kid-friendly AI App promoting positive mental wellbeing

Rezilience Ltd. partners with Gen-Z Media to launch A2Z, a new podcast and kid-friendly AI App promoting positive mental wellbeing

Gen-Z Media

April 18, 2024

Rezilience Ltd., known for the popular children’s podcast “The Rez,” has announced the release of a new podcast series, “A2Z,” to be accompanied by a family-friendly app supporting positive mental wellbeing in children. Penned by former U.K. Comics Laureate, Hannah Berry, and distributed by the family podcast network GZM Shows, A2Z is a humorous sci-fi adventure drama with a ten-episode first season to begin airing weekly on April 18, 2024 on all podcast platforms, as well as on

Developed with the expertise of psychologists and child development and mental health specialists, A2Z introduces listeners to Zzzucks, an inventor who has created a new AI named Aileen. As Zzzucks encounters various social challenges, Aileen encourages children listening along to join her on the app to share their insights and help Zzzucks find happiness and fulfillment.

A2Z is the brainchild of Rezilience Ltd., the team behind the successful children’s podcast “The Rez,” led by Dr. Lance Dann and Prof. Martin Spinelli. “We are living in a world where technology is engrained in all our lives. We know we can’t just cut children off from media, but what we can do is create positive media experiences that actively model and reinforce healthy relationships and instil good media habits.” said, Dann, who is also a senior lecturer at the University of Brighton, “The podcast and app draw kids into an adventure story that is silly and fun, but which gives them a reason to break away from the screen and try things in the real world.”

Tailored for children aged 7-10, the Aileen app offers a playful way for curious kids to interact with a controlled AI that encourages and models healthier media consumption habits, along with messages promoting well-being. The app includes robust, age-appropriate safety measures such as monitoring and the use of a non-web-connected version of ChatGPT.

After each interaction on the app, Aileen invites children on a mission involving real-world activities designed to foster positive emotional and life skills such as creating a happiness jar, learning something new with adult guidance, or expressing gratitude by crafting a surprise thank-you card. Upon completing each mission, children return to the app for a debrief with Aileen to discuss their actions and claim rewards such as games, comic strips, and animations based on the A2Z podcast.

Ben Strouse, CEO and Co-Founder of Gen-Z Media, expressed excitement about supporting the team behind A2Z. “The A2Z team brings comfort and humor to tech-wary families, and we are delighted to assist them in sharing the podcast worldwide,” said Strouse. “Our objective is to provide engaging, family-friendly content to listeners, and A2Z is an entertaining new show that achieves just that.”

The app is available for free download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The initial two missions are complimentary, while additional activities, bonus content, and missions can be unlocked for a small one-time early-access fee of approximately $2.25, which is waived for GZM subscribers.


Rezilience Ltd. is a children’s media company specialising in high-impact, high-distribution, wellbeing content. It is headed up by Martin Spinelli and Lance Dann. Spinelli and Dann are also the makers of the award-winning The REZ, a sci-fi adventure for primary school children told through a podcast, comic books and a game-based website designed to provide young people with useful resources for their transition into the teen years. Informed by the latest research from university psychologists and social workers, The Rez’s accompanying classroom resources gained ground-breaking accreditation in the U.K. from the PSHE Association (the first podcast to do so), allowing its use in British schools as part of the Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) curriculum. The Rez has seen significant profile and recognition, winning several international awards including a Bronze for Audio Drama in the 2023 ARIAS, and being shortlisted for a Webby in 2022. It has also broken into the Top 20 Children’s podcast charts in both the U.K. and U.S. With 750,000+ downloads, it’s the most listened-to kids’ drama podcast produced in the UK.

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Independent podcast network Gen-Z Media ( is the leading producer of all-ages fiction programming, attracting hundreds of thousands of engaged teens, tweens and families to a slate of more than two dozen original audio adventures, mysteries and dramas. Their mystery-adventure Six Minutes, with over 250 episodes and a new season to premier in the Fall, is one of the most downloaded family audio adventures of all time. The independent family network creates smart and purposeful stories filled with twists, turns, humor and heart, setting the standard for world building and immersive audio production.

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