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Seltzer Kings Podcast Network Launches with High-Profile Shows and State Of The Art Studio Services

Seltzer Kings Podcast Network Launches with High-Profile Shows and State Of The Art Studio Services

Seltzer Kings, LLC

March 1, 2024

BROOKLYN, N.Y., March 1, 2024 – Seltzer Kings, the creators of the popular podcast The Bradshaw Boys (a “Sex and the City” Podcast) today announced the official launch of their network and studio in Brooklyn. With roots in Comedy, Nostalgia and TV & Film, the network is expanding to offer a wide array of categories including lifestyle, business, sports, narrative and kids podcasts. There are an estimated 3.2 million podcasts globally with an industry size of $23.75 billion. Seltzer Kings combines 20+ years of Film and Television industry experience, with 10+ in the podcasting field, to produce 12 podcasts on SK (two with over a million lifetime downloads) from NYC – the podcasting capital of the world.

The long-running The Adventures of Danny and Mike (featuring stars from 90’s Nickelodeon cult classic, The Adventures of Pete & Pete) also hops on the network joining Bad Advice with Lori Beth Denberg, What the HELL Were You Thinking?, Fresh Beef and Going Dork. The network is also adding Boys Watching Buffy, a popular Buffy rewatch podcast from Vance Tucker and Joe Welkie and PuzzyBoyz a show featuring real cat dads Adam Newman (The Late Show with David Letterman), Zach Broussard (Late Late Show), Nick Maritato, and Danny Solomon (Fox ADHD). Lastly, they add their first narrative podcast Watts Corner, a scripted audio comedy from Zac Fieldsend, Jake Smith, and Al D.

“We’ve had incredible success in the podcasting space the past decade and we’re excited to announce this expansion with new podcasts, the return of a classic, and a wide array of categories to come,” said Jeremy Balon, Founder. “We’re poised to continue building our ever-evolving corner of the podcast landscape.”

In addition, Seltzer Kings is expanding its production wing with specialized services including Consultation, Audio and Video Production/Post-Production, Live Events and Merchandising. SK Studios, their podcast incubator which takes ideas to fully produced podcasts in weeks from anywhere in the world, will also be available to prospective podcasters. The Second Act with Michael and John, a podcast in the business category hosted by Michael Newborn and John Ballenger is the first client to complete the incubator program. Their podcast will be officially joining the network after seeing significant growth since launching in September of 2023.

“It’s been fun launching in the business category,” said Balon. “It’s certainly a pivot from our nostalgic, comedic roots but we think the process gives prospective podcasters out there a step ahead in their journey, landing either with SK or on their own, in any category.”


About Seltzer Kings

Seltzer Kings is a story driven podcast network and production studio with kind, inclusive, hard working folks, curbed egos and a healthy sense of humor. Based in Brooklyn, New York, the company was founded by Jeremy Balon in partnership with Danny Tamberelli and Michael C. Maronna (The Adventures of Pete & Pete, the upcoming A24 film I Saw the TV Glow). Our network roster includes twelve podcasts, two with over a million downloads lifetime and most in the top five percent of podcasts globally. Our team brings decades of experience in the entertainment industry, with 10+ years in the podcast industry. For more information on the network or the professional services we provide, visit


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Jeremy Balon, Founder