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Sonnant and Barometer Partner to Power a New Era of Suitable Dynamic Digital Audio Advertising.

Sonnant and Barometer Partner to Power a New Era of Suitable Dynamic Digital Audio Advertising.


April 10, 2024

Sonnant & Barometer are dispelling unfounded fears about brand safety hampering advertising spend. They have combined Barometer’s AI-powered contextual engine with best in class brand safety, suitability and contextual targeting, with Sonnant’s Smart Ad Markers to deliver targeting advertising with optimized ad loads and utilisation.

Knowing that programmatic advertising for audio is on the rise [cite: IAB], and digital revenues were becoming the focus of more publishers, Sonnant and Barometer started a customer project to prove that data and AI could overcome any unwillingness of advertisers to invest in audio advertising spend. Programmatic po

Tony Simmons, Founder and CEO of Sonnant, says “Publishers have been concerned that any piece of content, that was labelled ‘unsafe’ or ‘high risk’ by tech would reduce its advertising potential to zero. Our wide-reaching research indicated that just because a 90-minute show discussed ‘Murder’ around the 10 minute mark, advertisers would still be eager to advertise at a later point of the show if the content and audience mix was brand relevant. So, when I started discussing this opportunity with the Barometer team, our collective goal was to get to that later advertising placement with simplicity, cost-efficiency and precision.”

Dr. Tamara Zubatiy, co-founder and CEO of Barometer stated, “Brands need a safe,. suitable and contextually relevant advertising environment. We’ve been working hard to help brands move away from whole category exclusions towards scaled show and episode approvals, allowing advertisers to be more nuanced in their targeting. This work with Sonnant continues that pursuit and introduces a new level of granularity: ad-break to ad-break, offering advertisers the most precise contextual adjacency targeting possible.

Barometer’s contextual engine decodes the nuances of spoken-word content, allowing publishers and advertisers to uncover structured content signals, intent, sentiment, tone, and relevance, setting a new standard for contextual targeting and brand suitability in audio and beyond.

Sonnant is building the digital infrastructure to unleash spoken word content into the digital age. Its platform uses specialist AI to digitise content, automating manual, non-remunerative workflows and connecting via API to publication and advertising systems to increase revenues.

Together, Sonnant and Barometer’s allows customers to find contextually relevant, suitable insertion points via API:

  • Choose contextual targets + suitability and safety levels: Select your contextual framework to build safe and suitable targeting criteria.
  • Create timing barriers: Ensure that any ad is placed within contextually relevant content, but at a safe enough time distance, of your choosing, to remove unwanted alignment.
  • Create midrolls and activate: Midrolls placements are now created at safe distance, and these timing and targeting data / rules integrate directly to your existing platforms.

Brand suitability and digital revenues coexist magnificently. Get ready for the solutions that give you control and confidence, whilst streamlining your manual processes.

For more information or a demo, please see our deck here, meet with us at NAB, or contact:

Tamara Zubatiy, CEO & Co-founder,

Tony Simmons, CEO, Sonnant,



About Sonnant

Sonnant uses AI & ML to transform audio into data for the digital era. The Sonnant platform digitises broadcast, podcast, radio and streaming audio into specialist data, automating manual, workflows and connecting via API to publication & advertising systems. Our structured data enables advertisers to use the ‘Adwords for Audio’ including demographic targeting & frictionless connectivity to the global programmatic ecosystem.

About Barometer

Barometer is an AI-powered contextual engine with best in class brand safety, suitability and contextual targeting solutions for podcast advertising. Their patent-pending, AI Brand Integrity Cloud uses natural language processing to analyze podcasts based on industry standard taxonomies including the IAB Content taxonomy 3.0 for contextual targeting and the Global Advertisers for Responsible Media’s (GARM) Brand Safety Floor and Suitability Framework. Their solutions drive radical transparency across the entire audio ecosystem building trust between the buy and sell sides to usher in a new era of scale and maturity in podcast advertising. Through their investment in ensuring diverse voices & news content are not blocked inappropriately, Barometer helps brands ensure their brand standards don’t come at the expense of their brand values.