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Spotify Is Launching New Ad Studio Product

Spotify Is Launching New Ad Studio Product


March 20, 2024

In 2023 alone, there were over 160,000 new podcasts launched, so expecting audiences to find quality content on their own simply doesn’t work anymore. Podcasters need a way to cut through the noise in an increasingly crowded space and reach new listeners eager to find new content.

That’s why Spotify is introducing Podcast Streams, a brand new product in Ad Studio, our self-serve ads manager, letting podcasters of all sizes easily promote their shows to listeners who are more likely to stream podcasts on Spotify. Podcast Streams supports all types of creators, from independent podcasters looking to drive streams on Spotify, to established podcast publishers with ambitions to reach new audiences on Spotify. Powered by a model which analyzes behavioral signals, Podcast Streams takes campaigns beyond standard targeting to reach engaged audiences who are more likely to listen to podcasts.

Morning Brew was one of the first podcast publishers to beta-test our Podcast Streams objective, with their testing focused on optimizing for multiple episode streams per new acquired listener.

“I was glad to be one of the first partners to test out Spotify’s new Podcast Stream Objective feature as we continuously work to find new ways of growing our podcast audiences,” said Devin Emery, Chief Content Officer at Morning Brew.