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Spreaker Introduces the Supporters Club, a Monthly Subscription Feature where 100% of the Revenue goes to the Creators.

Spreaker Introduces the Supporters Club, a Monthly Subscription Feature where 100% of the Revenue goes to the Creators.

February 19, 2024

Today, Spreaker, the trailblazing podcast platform, proudly unveils an additional revenue stream to empower podcasters – the Supporters Club. This feature which is available to all podcasts hosted on the Spreaker platform allows listeners to directly support their favorite creators through a monthly subscription model, where an unprecedented 100% of the subscription fee goes directly to the creator.

In a landscape where podcasters rely on diverse revenue streams, Spreaker is committed to revolutionizing the industry by providing an equitable platform that amplifies the connection between creators and their audience. With the addition of the Supporters Club feature, creators now have the opportunity to earn multiple revenue streams all in one place on Spreaker fostering a sustainable and vibrant creative ecosystem.

Key Features of the Supporters Club Feature:

  • 100% Revenue to Creators: Unlike traditional platforms, Spreaker takes no percentage from the subscription fee. This means podcasters receive the full support of their audience, ensuring they can continue producing content that resonates with their fans.
  • Everything in One Place: The Supporters Club is an additional revenue stream within the Spreaker platform meaning creators can now have their ad revenue, and subscription revenue all under one roof. This eliminates the necessity of utilizing multiple platforms. 
  • Transparent and Secure Transactions: Spreaker prioritizes transparency and security in all transactions. Viewers can rest assured that their contributions go directly to the creators, fostering trust and accountability.

CEO and Founder of Spreaker, Francesco Baschieri expressed enthusiasm about the new feature, stating, “Our Supporters Club marks a significant step towards empowering creators and fostering a more direct and sustainable connection between them and their audience. We believe that by channeling 100% of subscription revenue to the creators, we are not just providing a service but actively diversifying revenue possibilities and contributing to the growth and success of the creative community.”

Spreaker is a multi-faceted podcast platform that provides both independent content creators and established publishers with the tools and support to launch, grow, and monetize their podcasts easily and fast. As a global leader in podcast ad technology, Spreakers’ technology powers some of the most prominent programmatic ad marketplaces in the podcasting industry. Spreaker is an iHeartMedia-owned company since its acquisition in 2020.