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The Robb Green Show relaunches with new name and focus on real-life business case studies

The Robb Green Show relaunches with new name and focus on real-life business case studies

The Robb Green Show

January 22, 2024

The Robb Green Show, formerly known as I’m the One, has relaunched with a new name and a re-focused format on analyzing case studies of successful businesses and brands. The show will continue its popular interviews with entrepreneurs, marketers, and business leaders, while also filling a gap in the market by doing real life case studies. These case studies will dig into different sized businesses in various industries that are currently facing specific challenges and have a discussion around what could be done to help them move forward.

The Robb Green Show is built to empower and inspire individuals to create their own success stories by providing practical guidance on building their business. Through conversations with real business owners, their specific business challenges, goals, and bottlenecks are discussed head-on to seek solutions. The goal is to analyze the core aspects of their businesses — operations, sales and marketing, and finance — to provide actionable solutions and practical advice.

Robb Green is a lifelong learner constantly seeking knowledge to empower himself and others. As an entrepreneur, business consultant, and podcaster, he has balanced being a devoted father and husband while building an impressive career. Robb has owned 8 brands over the course of his career and currently hosts the podcast “The Robb Green Show” which provides hands-on, practical guidance to entrepreneurs across all industries. Robb turns challenges into opportunities for growth rather than setbacks. Driven by a sense of personal empowerment and lifting up others, he is unwavering in the face of adversity. Through continuous learning and application, Robb actualizes his full potential and helps others create their own success stories.

“By taking a deep dive into real-world case studies, examining current challenges, and having open discussions, I aim to equip listeners with actionable insights to drive growth,” says Robb. “My goal has always been empowering people to create their own success stories. By balancing informative interviews with solution-focused case studies targeting specific business hurdles, I hope to spotlight a clear path to results for entrepreneurs at all stages.”

New episodes of The Robb Green Show release weekly on Fridays. It is available on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Music. Listeners can subscribe to the show on YouTube for the video version and follow Robb Green on Instagram for more updates.

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