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The Podcast Host

June 28, 2023

Manifesto contains 10 pillars for podcasting success, based on census data obtained directly from 1,200 independent podcasters internationally.

  • ‘Patience to play the long game’ cited as the #1 key to podcasting success
  • Majority of experienced independent podcasters still not using video (51%), and 32% have no plans to
  • Solo shows are the most popular format (43%) amongst newbies, but this trend declines sharply the longer a show has been running.

Edinburgh, June 27th 2023 – Podcasting resource website The Podcast Host ( is officially releasing their IndiePod Manifesto today – a document containing 10 pillars for independent podcasting success.

The IndiePod Manifesto is built exclusively upon the results of a census of 1,200 independent podcasters from all over the world, surveyed over a period of three months.

As well as containing actionable guidance for independent podcasters, the IndiePod Manifesto is packed with fascinating data that provides unique insight into how podcasters are currently working and what their expectations are for the future.

Amongst these insights is the takeaway that 43% of podcasters agreed that ‘having patience to play the long game’ is the #1 key to podcasting success, followed not-so-closely by good planning (19%) and good equipment (14%).

And while the industry buzz around video podcasting continues, the census suggests not everyone’s convinced. The majority of independent podcasters in the census said they’re not using video at all in their podcast (51%), and 32% said they have no plans to in future either.

Solo shows were revealed to be the most popular podcast format (43%) for independent creators. However, a deep dig into the data revealed that while solo shows are most popular amongst newbies, the trend declines the longer a show has been running. The more episodes a podcast has totted up, the more popular co-hosted shows become, suggesting podcasters adapt their format and bring in an extra pair of hands to ensure they’re producing regular content for their listeners.

It’s no surprise that so many independent creators start out with solo podcasting either. This format allows for a fast iteration cycle in the early days by giving them complete control, fewer logistics and the space to experiment with topics, formats and audience targetting. And once they’ve tested the water alone, they can hone in on what their ideal podcast format looks like.

For full access to the IndiePod Manifesto – which includes all census data insights and visualisations as well as the 10 pillars to podcasting success – visit this page.

Founder of The Podcast Host and Alitu, Colin Gray, has said:

“It’s easy to fall back on educated guesses and predictions in any industry, but the best way to learn is to ask the creators themselves.

We ran this census to hear the experiences and expectations of real independent podcasters (or ‘IndiePodders’!), from as many corners of the industry as possible, so that they could have their say and even play a part in shaping the future of the industry.

By gathering those insights, we were able to craft this IndiePod Manifesto that provides solid, actionable advice based on the collective lived experiences of other podcasters.

And as brands, advertisers, industry experts and technology creators, we can learn a lot from the data, using these insights to better serve the independent podcaster community.

As a company we’ve worked to support and empower podcasters around the globe, and IndiePodders in particular have always been a huge part of our mission. The IndiePod Census, and the resulting IndiePod Manifesto, are another piece in that puzzle, hoping to make it even easier for anyone to start and run a long-term successful show.”

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