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Tink Media Announces ‘Podcast Group Therapy’: Podcast Marketing For All

Tink Media Announces ‘Podcast Group Therapy’: Podcast Marketing For All

TINK Media Co

December 15, 2023

New York, [December 15, 2023] – Tink Media is excited to announce Podcast Group Therapy, a game-changing program designed to help any podcast creator access niche marketing tips and community support through cost-effective sessions led by Tink Media experts.

Expanding upon their beloved Podcast Therapy, this program aims to provide affordable marketing strategies, interactive niche-focused sessions, personalized feedback, and networking opportunities in intimate groups of 10. Podcasters have the choice of sessions covering topics like successful launches, mastering promo swaps, and genre-specific marketing, all designed to make podcast marketing accessible to all.

“Podcast Group Therapy is the most exciting thing Tink has done,” says Lauren Passell, founder of Tink Media. When asked about the goals for this new program, Lauren adds, “We’ve always wanted to open it (Podcast Therapy) up to more people—we think it’s a great ROI, but sometimes it isn’t within people’s budgets…So we thought…what if we welcomed more people into these sessions?”

The inaugural session, “How to Make Podcast Friends,” will feature insights into finding the perfect podcast partners, building out collaborative lists, and streamlining collaborations.

For more information on Podcast Group Therapy, and to make a sound investment in your podcast’s future, visit Tink Media’s website or contact us at

About Tink Media:

Tink is a podcast growth and ideas company that specializes in podcast PR, creative partnerships, in-app placement, and out-of-the-box strategies that will help your show find its perfect audience. It’s not your job to grow the beautiful show you made. It’s ours.

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