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True Native Media Partners with Airwave to Boost Advertising Opportunities

True Native Media Partners with Airwave to Boost Advertising Opportunities

June 11, 2024

True Native Media, a leading podcast representation firm, is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Airwave, a prominent podcast network known for its high-quality content and engaging shows. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in creating robust advertising opportunities and enhancing the podcast landscape.

True Native Media is excited to showcase Airwave’s diverse range of podcasts, which span various genres, including history, business, health & wellness, and kids, among others. By leveraging True Native Media’s expertise in connecting advertisers with podcast creators, this partnership aims to forge strong advertising relationships that benefit both brands and listeners.

“We are delighted to partner with Airwave,” said Heather Osgood, CEO of True Native Media. “Their exceptional content aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver impactful advertising solutions. Together, we look forward to creating dynamic partnerships that will drive growth and success for both companies.”

The partnership between True Native Media and Airwave is designed to provide mutual benefits. Airwave will gain access to True Native Media’s extensive network of advertisers, while True Native Media will be able to offer its clients premium advertising spots on some of the most engaging and popular podcasts available.

Ben Mathis, Chief Content Officer of Airwave, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “We are excited to join forces with True Native Media. Their proven track record in the podcast advertising space makes them an ideal partner for us. We believe this collaboration will bring tremendous value to our podcasters and help us reach new heights.”

True Native Media and Airwave are committed to fostering an environment where advertisers can seamlessly connect with high-quality content, ensuring listeners receive relevant and meaningful ads that enhance their podcast experience.

About True Native Media

True Native Media is a premier podcast representation firm dedicated to connecting podcasters with advertisers to create meaningful and engaging content. With a focus on delivering impactful advertising solutions, True Native Media helps brands reach their target audiences through the power of podcasting.

About Airwave

With over 100 podcasts and 15 YouTube channels that receive over 90 million downloads and views per month, Airwave is the curated podcast and video network for the “constantly curious” listener. From history, arts, and science to wellness, kids, and business, Airwave partners with the shows that make us better, smarter humans.