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Uber Signs Six-Month Sponsorship Deal With The Diary of a CEO

Uber Signs Six-Month Sponsorship Deal With The Diary of a CEO


November 29, 2023

The Diary of a CEO is the flagship podcast in a multi-platform high-impact campaign from Uber, that also recently launched out of home and print advertising.

Agreement covers Uber, Uber One and Uber Eats and also includes the sponsorship of Steven Bartlett’s own TikTok channel.

29th November 2023, London, UK – In a strategic move aimed at expanding its brand reach, Uber has inked a six-month sponsorship deal with Steven Bartlett’s The Diary of a CEO podcast. Coordinated via Uber’s media agency EssenceMediaCom and Adelicious, the podcast’s hosting and monetisation network, this landmark deal encompasses multiple products under the Uber umbrella, including Uber, Uber Eats and the Uber One membership. The collaboration is set to unfold over a dynamic six-month campaign, kicking off with a focus on the benefits of Uber One and subsequently pivoting to highlight Uber’s train booking capabilities.

Steven Bartlett’s The Diary of a CEO podcast has consistently held its position as one of the most popular shows in the UK, attracting millions of listens per week, making it a natural choice in Uber’s quest for impactful brand awareness. Steven’s show has a demographically even split across male and female audiences, appealing to educated urbanites and those often on the commute to work, aligning with Uber’s own target audience. The collaboration will also extend beyond the podcast, with Uber also sponsoring Bartlett’s own TikTok channel which has 1.6m followers.

Danny Gray, Director of Venture Investments & Commercial Partnerships from The Diary of a CEO said: “The team, including Steven, uses Uber every day, so this collaboration was the perfect fit for us. The alignment between our podcast and Uber’s goals creates a powerful partnership that we believe will directly resonate with our audience. We are already receiving positive feedback from the first ads that have gone live and are confident this will continue.”

The agreement also marks the first time Adelicious, representing podcast advertising for The Diary of a CEO, has partnered with Uber.

Andrew Goldsmith, Managing Director at Adelicious, said: “This Uber sponsorship deal speaks to the incredible efforts Steven and his team have done to make The Diary of a CEO a weekly must-listen for so many across the UK. We’re looking forward to working with both the show and Uber to continue to amplify the show’s reach and contribute to the success of Uber’s campaign.”

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