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Vid2Pod from Blubrry Podcasting Transforms YouTube Playlists into Audio Podcasts

Vid2Pod from Blubrry Podcasting Transforms YouTube Playlists into Audio Podcasts

March 19, 2024

COLUMBUS, OhioMarch 19, 2024  — In a groundbreaking move designed to bridge the gap between video and audio content, Blubrry Podcasting has announced the launch of Vid2Pod, which effortlessly converts YouTube channel playlists into high-quality audio podcasts. This pioneering service is set to redefine content consumption by providing video-first creators a seamless way to expand their reach and accessibility through podcasting.

With the rise of podcast listenership and the ever-growing demand for accessible content, Blubrry Podcasting has developed a solution that maximizes the potential of existing video content and opens new avenues for audience growth. By turning YouTube playlists into podcasts, creators can tap into a wider audience, including those who prefer audio-only media for lifestyle or accessibility reasons via traditional podcast apps.

Key Features of the Service Include:

  • Simple Integration: An easy-to-use platform that allows creators to select a playlist to quickly convert video to audio.
  • High-Quality Automatic Audio Conversion: Ensuring that podcasts maintain the clarity and professionalism of the original YouTube content.
  • Widespread Distribution: Offering distribution to all podcast platforms and apps such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, etc.
  • Custom Metadata and SEO Optimization: Enhancing discoverability across all podcast platforms.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Providing valuable insights into podcast performance and listener demographics.

“Our mission is to empower video-first creators by providing them with an audio podcast available on all podcast apps with no extra work beyond signing up for the service,” said Todd Cochrane, founder of Blubrry Podcasting. “By automatically converting new videos in a YouTube playlist to audio podcasts, we are not only diversifying the content landscape but also making it more inclusive and accessible to everyone, everywhere.”

The launch of this service comes at a time when the digital landscape is increasingly audio-friendly, with podcasts emerging as a preferred medium of information and entertainment for millions around the globe. Blubrry’s new service is poised to become a game-changer for video-first creators, allowing distribution into all traditional podcast platforms.

Creators can sign up for the service starting March 19, 2024 alongside Blubrry’s podcast hosting plans. For more information about Blubrry Podcasting and the new service, visit the Vid2Pod page or blog post on

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