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Voxalyze releases the latest feature of its podcast marketing analytics suite

Voxalyze releases the latest feature of its podcast marketing analytics suite


September 18, 2023

[Berlin, Germany, September 15, 2023] – Voxalyze, a pioneer in analytics for podcast publishers, announces the launch of its Promotion Analytics feature. With the existing Visibility Analytics and Audience Analytics, Promotion Analytics completes Voxalyze Marketing Hub, the world-first and most comprehensive analytics suite, empowering podcast publishers to grow their audience through data-driven strategies.


Voxalyze Marketing Hub

1. Visibility Analytics

With Visibility Analytics, Voxalyze pioneered Podcast Visibility Optimization, the process of improving the visibility of a podcast within listening platforms such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify. With billions of data points and a best-in-class user interface, Voxalyze’s Visibility Analytics is the preferred choice of leading publishers to grow their audience, with studies showing up to 24% in audience growth within weeks of using Voxalyze’s solution.


2. Audience Analytics

Voxalyze’s Audience Analytics allows podcast publishers to go beyond simple vanity metrics. Voxalyze’s advanced filtering options empower podcast growth teams to understand better who is listening to their content, where, when, and most importantly, how. Performance can be analyzed across 14 dimensions and down to the episode level. Larger publishers also have the option to ingest all the events and data into their own business intelligence or reporting tools.


3. Promotion Analytics

The recently released Promotion Analytics enables podcast publishers to track the efficiency of their promotional activities outside of the listening platforms, be it social media, websites, or newsletters. With its advanced attribution algorithm, Voxalyze’s Promotion Analytics allows the publishers’ marketing teams to measure which channels, campaigns, and even which precise ads drive listener growth.


“With Promotion Analytics, we are thrilled to introduce the last brick of our Marketing Hub to the market,” said Alexis Hue, cofounder and CEO of Voxalyze. “In today’s increasingly

competitive podcast landscape, data-driven decision-making is more critical than ever to grow an audience. Our suite of solutions empowers podcast publishers to gain a competitive edge by harnessing the power of data to drive their growth strategies.”

To learn more about Voxalyze Marketing Hub and its Visibility, Audience, and Promotion Analytics, please visit


About Voxalyze:

Voxalyze is the leading and most powerful Analytics platform for the podcast industry. The Berlin, Germany-based company is supporting the growth of leading audio publishers or networks such as the BBC (UK), RTBF (Belgium), Glassbox Media (US), Europe 1 (France), as well as hundreds of independent podcast creators.