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Women’s History Month Gets WeirdTrue Weird Stuff podcast highlights women with stories to tell

Women’s History Month Gets WeirdTrue Weird Stuff podcast highlights women with stories to tell

NOW! Media/True Weird Stuff

March 6, 2024

The True Weird Stuff podcast is hosted by female broadcasting legend Sheri Lynch. Best known for her work on the nationally syndicated Bob & Sheri, Lynch is also a 10-time NAB Marconi Award nominee and three-time winner of The Alliance for Women in Media’s Gracie Award.

Bringing her broadcasting chops to the podcast world, Lynch has created the show of her dreams. Each week the True Weird Stuff podcast dives in to explore an inexplicable, but very true story. Many fascinating women have been highlighted on this popular and fast-growing podcast. With March being Women’s History Month, we would like to highlight these weird women who have a story to tell as well as the woman telling the story, Sheri Lynch.

“I’ve spent my whole life struggling to NOT talk about all the weird things that fascinate me and often make other people uncomfortable, such as reincarnation, near-death experiences, aliens, or the idea that reality is a simulation,” said Lynch. “It’s hard masking so much weird. The True Weird Stuff podcast is where I can bring all the quirky, cryptic, creepy, odd and just plain weird together in one place and share them with my listeners.”

True Weird Stuff is a weekly podcast exploring interesting historical stories about a range of topics. For Women’s History Month, we want to direct your attention to some of the True Weird Stuff episodes featuring women in history. Here’s some of our recent episodes. They range from Madame Tussauds to a the first-ever stagecoach robber. We hope you enjoy the sampling below and it gives you a few more fascinating females to consider when discussing Women’s History Month. Enjoy!

Cursed Christmas Ghost in the late 1800s, May Yohé had it all: a successful musical theatre career. A handsome, royal husband. A lavish, extravagant lifestyle. And then…it was all gone. If you’re the superstitious type, you’d believe she was yet another victim of the most famous jewel in the world. Passed down to her husband, Lord Francis, those who’ve inherited it have suffered great misfortune. That’s the power of the curse of the Hope Diamond.

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We head to the Emerald Isle for a St. Patrick’s Day tale of marriage and murder, fairies, and folklore. It’s a story that changed Irish law and, 100 years later, still reeks of mystery, magic, and the unmistakable stench of burning flesh.

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Today’s True Weird Stuff – Wax On, Head Off (Airdate 1/27/2023) One of the world’s most famous tourist attractions has a very dark past. Every artist and entrepreneur have to start somewhere – why not with a basket of freshly guillotined heads?

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Wild West Pearl—The original stagecoach robber

Forced to work in a brothel as a young girl, Pearl Hart rebelled and ran away. She broke all the hearts and she broke all the rules, and once she even broke out of jail. And then she got an idea…let’s rob a stagecoach.

Lady Hooch Hunter

Prohibition was such a weird and terrible idea that it’s hard to believe it really happened. But this is the story of Daisy Dell Simpson, one of only 12 female Prohibition agents hired by the IRS to help bust bootleggers, gangsters, and speakeasies.

About True Weird Stuff

True Weird Stuff is produced by Now! Media, a Female and LatinX owned multi-media company creating content focused on adult women. Now! Also produces the syndicated Bob & Sheri, which is heard on 70 stations across America and around the world on American Forces Radio.