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Wondery Launches Wondery Ad Analytics: New Ad Measurement Suite to Improve Transparency, Performance and Measurement Outcomes for Podcast Advertisers

Wondery Launches Wondery Ad Analytics: New Ad Measurement Suite to Improve Transparency, Performance and Measurement Outcomes for Podcast Advertisers


May 7, 2024

CULVER CITY, California -May, 7th 2024 – Today, Wondery, the leading podcast and entertainment company announced the release of Wondery Ad Analytics, a new ad measurement suite to increase transparency, performance, and measurement for podcast advertisers. With over 55 shows topping the Apple charts, Wondery has the most #1 global hits of any podcast studio and consistently delivers high-quality, conversation-inspiring content.

With Wondery Ad Analytics, Wondery is positioned to become a leading player in podcast ads measurement, directly addressing requests from advertisers for the types of products and services they want. This new measurement-as-a-service program gives advertising customers direct access to actionable campaign insights from trusted third-party providers. Wondery Ad Analytics includes six measurement products, and over a dozen third-party vendors, supporting US and non-US locales, making it one of the most comprehensive podcast ad measurement programs available in the industry including solutions for Brand Lift, Web Lift, Retail Traffic Lift, Offline Sales Lift, Brand Safety & Suitability, A/B experimentation and more.

Wondery is collaborating with measurement providers to build new features and bring first-to-market opportunities to advertisers. For example, Wondery is working with Barometer to improve transparency in brand safety by offer advertisers these first-to-market offerings:

• Providing advertisers with brand safety and suitability ratings for non-English content with Barometer. This first-of-its-kind partnership improves transparency and accountability for non-English podcasts in the US, MX, BR, and DE.

• Wondery is currently the only publisher/podcast network with its entire back catalog on Barometer, meaning that all Wondery podcasts have brand safety scores and contextual classifications, improving advertiser visibility.

• Wondery is partnering with Barometer to enhance the Creator Intelligence solution by allowing podcast hosts to opt-in to share preferred identities and identity groups. By providing visibility into host identities, advertisers can proactively support a diversity of creators and align brand messaging with a diversity of hosts and audiences.

• Wondery is the first publisher with cross-platform (i.e., video podcast) content uploaded into Barometer for brand safety ratings of visual and audio content. This feature will flag offensive language, conversations, words within audio as well as offensive visual elements for video podcasts.

Notably, Wondery Ad Analytics will also be working with Upwave on brand lift offerings, to create a direct data integration which allows measurement of baked-in and dynamic ads without the use of a pixel or URL pre-fix, making Wondery the first podcast publisher to ever measure baked in ads this way with Upwave.

“These innovations support the growing need for customers to prove their impact, performance, and return on advertising dollars spent,” said Alyson Sprague, Head of Ad Measurement at Wondery. “Wondery is committed to improving data transparency, quality, and performance for advertisers through these first-to-market services, giving advertisers greater media planning controls, and has the potential to improve performance. The news of Wondery’s alliance with Barometer and first-to-market ad analytics offerings demonstrates Wondery’s commitment to serving its advertisers’ custom needs.”

Wondery Ad Analytics is available today. For more information please visit

About Wondery

Wondery is a podcast studio known for character-driven, binge-worthy stories including Dr. Death, British Scandal, Even the Rich, and Business Wars, and distribution of hit partner shows SmartLess, Morbid, and How I Built This. Wondery was behind six of the “Top 25 New Shows of 2023”, according to Podtrac, including Ghost Story, Exposed, and Stolen Hearts. Over 55 shows from Wondery have hit No. 1 on Apple Podcasts, including Scamfluencers and Stolen Hearts. Many Wondery podcasts have been adapted for scripted television or streaming series, including Dr. Death and Joe vs Carole on Peacock, The Shrink Next Door and WeCrashed on Apple TV+, and upcoming Gladiator and Dying For Sex for FX. Wondery has gained critical acclaim and commercial success for its immersive approach to sonic, emotionally driven storytelling. The Wondery app offers a unique, personalized podcast listening experience, including access to its premium ad-free offering Wondery+. With Wondery+, fans experience early access, exclusive shows and episodes, and ad-free listening.