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YEA Networks Selects Frequency as Its Podcast Workflow Automation Partner

YEA Networks Selects Frequency as Its Podcast Workflow Automation Partner


January 30, 2024


New York, NY – January 30, 2024 – Frequency, the leader in workflow automation and ad management for audio, announces a new client partnership with YEA Networks, a High 5 Media company that creates, produces, and syndicates more than 60 podcasts. Designed for podcast networks, Frequency’s platform standardizes workflows to drive ad monetization at scale, boosting efficiency and revenue.

YEA Networks is on track to increase its podcast ad sales by adding new shows and brands. The network will take advantage of Frequency’s workflow automation tools, such as brand and campaign approvals in which hundreds of requests can be submitted to shows at the click of a button. By eliminating redundant work and injecting automation, Frequency’s platform will empower YEA Networks to accelerate deal flow, close sales, and service more opportunities with ease.

“Frequency will be a pivotal partner in helping us grow our network and revenue,” said Shawn Nunn, President, YEA Networks. “As we scale our business, it will be impossible to rely on just email and Google Sheets to manage the volume of requests. Frequency provides must-have tools that standardize and speed up a traditionally manual, time-consuming process, enabling our teams to work smarter and faster.”

“Gaining operational efficiencies through standardized workflows is top of mind as networks pursue sustainable growth opportunities,” said Pete Jimison, CEO of Frequency. “With the right tools in place, we know partners like YEA Networks will elevate team performance to realize business goals and unlock new revenue.”

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About Frequency

Frequency® has created the next generation of ad management for the audio industry, providing workflow automation and targeted delivery in one innovative platform. With Frequency, audio networks can increase revenue opportunities, reduce manual operations, and improve ad experiences. The world’s top audio publishers and advertisers use Frequency’s enterprise solutions to centralize campaigns and personalize podcast, radio, and streaming ads. Serving 5B+ ad impressions a month, Frequency is the chosen software for audio operations efficiency and growth. For more information, visit

About YEA Networks

YEA Networks, a High 5 Media company, creates, produces, and syndicates great radio and digital content, including more than 60 podcasts, “The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show,” the #1 morning show for Top 40 and Hot AC stations; “Tino Cochino Radio,” heard in all dayparts on Top 40 and Rhythmic stations; “The Greg Beharrell Show,” that brings a unique brand of humor to Rock formats and “The Hollywood 5,” which mixes celebrity gossip, humor, entertainment news and music. YEA’s “Simplebooth” product brings digital and social interactivity to live events for hundreds of stations. For more information, visit

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