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YouTube Measurement Lift with Magellan AI

YouTube Measurement Lift with Magellan AI

Magellan AI

June 22, 2023

Magellan AI, the podcast media planning and measurement platform, today announced support for measuring the impact of traffic coming from YouTube alongside podcast and streaming audio.

“Host-read ads embedded within video, especially on YouTube, have become a much bigger part of podcast advertisers’ playbook, and publishers rightfully want to show the power of their podcasts across all media,” said Cameron Hendrix, CEO and co-founder of Magellan AI. “Analyzing audience response coming from YouTube alongside the response driven by podcasts is essential to get a complete picture.”

Magellan AI’s methodology – analyzing data from podcasts alongside traffic directly to an advertiser’s site – enables media buyers to more accurately assess the impact of buying ads on podcasts that also have a presence on YouTube. Magellan AI’s dashboard also offers advertisers and agencies the flexibility to measure the impact of YouTube traffic on either a last touch or equal credit basis.

“In podcasting, there has historically been a gap in analytics with video viewership and results, leading to an over-reliance on modeling or guessing. We’re excited to bring a data-forward solution into the marketplace,” adds Jim Ballas, Head of Publisher Partnerships at Magellan AI.

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