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Amazon’s Interactive Audio, Positive Holiday Shopping Indicators, 2024 Programmatic Strategies

Amazon’s Interactive Audio, Positive Holiday Shopping Indicators, 2024 Programmatic Strategies

October 30, 2023

Today in the Business of Podcasting

Amazon launches interactive audio ads on both ad-supported Amazon Music and Amazon Publisher Direct on Alexa in the U.S.

The new form of ad on Amazon Music is built around engaging listeners with the ad using their voice, prompting them to use the Alexa assistant to send more information, set a reminder, or add the advertised item to their shopping cart. With this new voice engagement feature Amazon adds another piece to their tech stack. A logical next step for Amazon would be to pursue Spotify-esque ads in podcasting. Amazon Music may not yet have a massive share of voice in podcasting, but with their existing data and advertising infrastructure Amazon can leverage what share they do have all the more effectively. [Source]

Consumers are celebrating (and shopping for) the holidays like its 2019 by Alyssa Meyers

Deloitte has released their 2023 Holiday Retail Survey, built from a national sample of over 4,000 consumers. 95% of respondents said they’re planning on shopping for the holiday season this year, up 3% from last year and 7% from 2021. Back at the beginning of the month we covered a holiday-themed Veritonic report on podcast listeners and holiday-themed podcasting. 63% of respondents anticipate most of their podcast listening to be holiday-themed episodes and/or playlists, and 76% anticipate holiday-themed ads in their podcasts. Tomorrow might be Halloween, but just around the corner is the season for podcast ads with sleigh bells. [Source]

Ad-tech firms and political agencies prepare for another year of spending heavily on CTV by Marty Swant

As the political ad season begins to warm up in anticipation of next year’s elections, Comscore and The Trade Desk have debuted new audience segments specifically for political advertisers on connected TV. AdImpact predicts this 2023/2024 political season will bring in $10.2 billion in ad spend, up from $8.9 billion in 2022. With access to engaged audiences and targeting capabilities, podcasting is primed to get more of those ad dollars than ever before. [Source]

The JAR Audio Podcast Landscape featuring Sounds Profitable Research by Roger Nairn and Laurissa Cebryk

JAR Audio breaks down key findings from the Sounds Profitable study The Podcast Landscape, which took a look at how listener perceptions of podcasting. The JAR breakdown looks at the study from the perspective of a marketer working with branded podcasts. Sections include good news from the data, challenging revelations, and conclusions built for readers to execute on moving forward. [Source]

Digiday Programmatic Selling Strategies: Navigating identity, deals and making the most of CTV and video

Thursday, November 16th, Digiday Editor-in-Chief Jim Cooper will host a virtual forum with marketing experts to discuss programmatic campaign strategies for 2024. The forum is produced in partnership with U of Digital and registration is free. [Source]